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USDA certified organic CBD oils, balms & edibles

CBD Capsules

Green Gorilla™ vegan organic CBD capsules are convenient, easy to use, and effective for quick relief and support. These herbal hemp CBD capsules are formulated using the same plant-based ingredients as our CBD oils to maintain potency and provide you with daily support for your body and mind.

Our Defense, Sleep, Inflamend, Relax, and Balance capsules each target a specific need. Experience the Malibu-lifestyle difference with Green Gorilla™ today.


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    • CBD Capsules – Sleep

      $59.99 – or subscribe and get 20% off

      or 4 interest-free payments of $15.00 with [popup_anything id="287259"] Enjoy 30% Off With Code: SLEEP30 It’s time to improve your sleep! Our carefully formulated CBD sleep aids help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. These vegan CBD capsules feature a potent blend of powerful natural substances, including tryptophan, chamomile, and vitamin B-6. Discover broad spectrum CBD sleep products…

    • CBD Capsules – Inflamend

      $69.99 – or subscribe and get 20% off

      or 4 interest-free payments of $17.50 with [popup_anything id="287259"] Help relieve discomfort from aching muscles and joints with simple daily supplements. Our potent formula features a blend of all-natural ingredients and 10mg of active CBD per capsule. Discover certified organic CBD for joints, sore muscles, discomfort, and more. Green Gorilla™ Inflamend CBD recovery capsules are vegan, THC-free, and packed with…

    • CBD Capsules – Balance

      $39.99 – or subscribe and get 20% off

      or 4 interest-free payments of $10.00 with [popup_anything id="287259"] Finding inner balance and the strength necessary to manage the stress of day-to-day life is no easy feat. Luckily, these vegan CBD capsules include 45mg broad spectrum hemp extract with 15mg active CBD per capsule. Take one CBD organic hemp oil capsule a day to help ease a troubled mind, synchronize…

    • CBD Capsules – Relax

      $59.99 – or subscribe and get 20% off

      or 4 interest-free payments of $15.00 with [popup_anything id="287259"] Stay calm and focus on what matters. These vegan 10mg CBD capsules feature a potent herbal blend of broad spectrum CBD, ashwagandha, L-theanine, and passionflower extract. For the demanding lifestyle, we recommend this powerful herbal blend to help you relieve nervous tension, improve your emotional well-being, and enter a state of…

    • CBD Capsules – Defense

      $59.99 – or subscribe and get 20% off

      or 4 interest-free payments of $15.00 with [popup_anything id="287259"] $44.99 Support a healthy immune system with organic CBD hemp extract capsules from Green Gorilla™! Paired with our GG BioEnhanced Complex formula for premium bioavailability, these immune defense supplements feature a potent immune-boosting blend of EpiCor®, elderberry, vitamin C, reishi mushroom, zinc, and broad spectrum hemp extract. Promote a stronger body…

    CBD Capsules

    Find Natural Solutions with Hemp CBD Capsules

    The magic of CBD lies in its ability to help ease your body and mind across a wide range of ailments. Whether you live with achy musclespoor sleeprestless thoughts, or need daily defense and balanced support, we have a hemp oil supplement that can help you reach your next wellness goal.

    The Healing Properties of CBD in Capsule Form

    Our organic CBD capsules resemble vitamins and are just as easy to take. They have no taste, and they’re small enough to ingest with a glass of water. This is one of the easiest, most straightforward ways of administering CBD daily.

    Learn More About CBD

    We strive to keep our consumer base educated. Read our informative CBD 101 guide to understand more about the science behind our products.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much you should use depends on your preferences, goals, and the product. Always refer to the label and check out our recommended guidelines.

    We use advanced extraction methods with cold pressure CO2 Super Critical and Organic Ethanol to keep your product safe while ensuring maximum potency.

    All of our organic CBD capsules are independently tested by multiple ISO-certified third-party labs.

    To read more about how every batch is thoroughly tested for quality and traceability, click here.

    Check here to find a Green Gorilla™ retailer near you.

    We also deliver hemp CBD capsules directly to your door if you live anywhere in the United States.

    Why Green Gorilla™?

    A bottle of Green Gorilla™ Relax CBD oil supplements.

    Our company was founded on the principle of bringing the incredible benefits of hemp and CBD to people worldwide. Green Gorilla™ was the very first USDA Certified Organic CBD brand, and we’re proud that our CBD products continue to make a difference in people’s lives every day.

    We use sustainable practices, advanced organic extraction, and organic ingredients in all our organic CBD capsules to deliver the purest, most potent CBD available today. It is our hope that Green Gorilla™ products have a positive influence on your life.

    A bottle of Green Gorilla™ Relax CBD oil supplements.


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