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Why Certified Organic CBD?

There is an increasing demand among consumers for products that are organic, sustainable, and benefit the environment. Many non-organic products contain or are made with toxins, pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals that can harm both the Earth and your body.  

At Green Gorilla™, we’re committed to organic practices that are better for you and the planet.

Not All CBD Is The Same

Many brands falsely market their products as being organic, so it’s important to understand what sets Green Gorilla Organics™ apart from the rest.

Due to the lack of regulation in the hemp industry, CBD manufacturers often use deceptive marketing and unethical practices. This means not all products labeled as “organic” or “natural” have been regulated or certified organic by an independent organization. Additionally, not all CBD products, ingredients, or hemp are processed or sourced in the same way.

Without proper practices in place, there could be many toxic substances in your CBD product, and manufacturers have no legal obligation to disclose them. That’s why it’s important to learn what “certified organic” really means and what seals of certification to look for.

What Does It Mean To Be Organic?

Per the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program:

“Organic is a labeling term for food or other agricultural products that have been produced using cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that support the cycling of on-farm resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity in accordance with the USDA organic regulations. This means that organic operations must maintain or enhance soil and water quality, while also conserving wetlands, woodlands, and wildlife. Synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering may not be used”.

Earning the organic seal is a signal of trust for you and your family. You can be confident knowing that everything that went into making your product was done to protect you from harm and benefit the farmland where the ingredients are grown.

The Green Gorilla Organics™ Difference

Green Gorilla™ is the national leader in USDA organic CBD products. Our commitment to organic certification includes plant-based organic ingredients like olive oil, turmeric, lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus.

All of our ingredients are sourced from farms that do not use pesticides or chemicals. All of our farming partners maintain strict recordkeeping and practices to benefit the soil, biodiversity, and overall agricultural land. Our CBD is sourced only from organic Gorilla FarmCo® hemp grown here in the US. We also use CO2 extraction—the safest and most effective method to derive CBD from hemp.

Green Gorilla™’s organic products are unmatched in the industry for quality, taste, potency, safety, sustainability, and bioavailability.

How Is Green Gorilla™ Certified Organic? 

A OTCO logo for organic CBD approved products

All Green Gorilla™ products are certified by Oregon Tilth to ensure all of our products are free of:


GMOs are organisms that have been genetically modified using technology. Green Gorilla Organics™ products are always GMO-free and made using organic ingredients that grow naturally.


Pesticides are toxic substances or materials used to control animals, weeds, and insects. Green Gorilla Organics™ sources ingredients and hemp that have not used any pesticides, which you can find proof of here


Glyphosate is a herbicide sprayed and used on crops to prevent weeds and grasses from growing over crops. It has been shown to be possibly cancerous and extremely toxic. All Green Gorilla Organics™ products are free of glyphosate, which you can see on our glyphosate lab tests here.


Solvents are substances used to dilute a liquid. In the case of CBD, many companies use toxic solvents to extract CBD from the hemp plant. Green Gorilla Organics™ uses CO2 extraction, the safest way to extract CBD with no solvents or toxins used.


Sulfates are widely used chemicals that are in a variety of products and can cause irritation. Green Gorilla™ uses only natural and organic plant-based ingredients.


Parabens are harmful preservatives used in some cosmetics. Green Gorilla Organics™ products do not contain parabens or any unnatural preservatives.

Toxic Metals

Toxic metals—such as lead, mercury, and arsenic—can be extremely harmful to people and the environment. Products from Green Gorilla Organics™ contain no toxic metals which can be found on our product lab tests.


Synthetic fragrances and colors can be potentially harmful and cause allergic reactions. Green Gorilla Organics™ does not use fragrances or colors. Our products reflect the real ingredients we use with an earthy, natural scent.

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