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1200mg–2400mg CBD

Discover the perfect potency for your daily use with this range of our intermediate options. Regular use of certified organic hemp CBD products can help support your immune system, reduce tension, and ease aches and discomfort. See for yourself how popular strengths—including 1200mg CBD, 1500mg CBD, & 2400mg CBD—might help you fulfill your personal wellness goals.

Find the Ideal Strength, Whether You Prefer 1200mg or 1500mg CBD

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Finding the right strength for your body and mind isn’t an exact science. With our range of options, you can discover the perfect dose to kickstart your day and support your overall wellbeing.

1500mg CBD is a popular potency that many people rely on, but we encourage you to experiment.

Certified Organic Is Everything

Your CBD is only as effective as its source, so never settle for less. Green Gorilla™ uses certified organic hemp CBD from our own sustainable farms to bring you the best possible potency and purity. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD legal?

When it’s derived from legal United States hemp, yes. All of our CBD products from oils to skincare are exclusively sourced from our own US-based farms, which use sustainable and ethical business practices.

How do I find the right potency for me?

We always recommend that you start low and go slow. If you haven’t used CBD products before, begin with a smaller dose of a low potency like 1200mg CBD.. Use it daily to see if you need to increase or decrease.

To discover products that suit your goals or lifestyle, take our CBD quiz.

Is your hemp farmed sustainably?

Yes. We’re proud to practice renewable farming methods on our Gorilla FarmCo® farms, all located within the western United States. Our organic hemp is great for the surrounding environment as well as consumer health and safety.

Is Green Gorilla™ lab tested?

Whether you’re using 1500mg of CBD or 1200mg, know that every single one of our products is thoroughly evaluated for purity and potency. We maintain our high-quality standard by having our products tested by an independent, ISO-certified laboratory.

Read our lab test results here.

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About Green GorillaTM

Our mission for sustainable hemp CBD began long before most people in the United States knew what CBD was. We witnessed hemp’s miraculous effects on an aging dog and were inspired to bring this powerhouse natural remedy to the world.

By using sustainable practices and organic ingredients, we continue to set the industry standard for quality and responsibility. Whether you prefer 1500mg of CBD or 2400mg of CBD, choose Green Gorilla™ for supplementation you can trust.