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CBD Dosing Guidelines

There is no one-size-fits-all dosage of CBD. CBD oil comes in a variety of concentrations and administration methods that work differently for everyone.

If you’ve never tried CBD products or you’re still trying to figure out what works best for you, we encourage you to take a look at our CBD dosage guides below.

CBD Dosing for Humans

How much CBD you should take depends on several factors, including weight, metabolism, tolerance, method of administration, and what effect you’re trying to achieve.

We’ve designed a wide range of Green Gorilla™ products to address these different preferences, like CBD topicals for targeted aches and soreness, Gorilla Gummies for mind-and-body relief, and CBD capsules for potent support that lasts all day.

Trying small doses is one of the best ways to test exactly how CBD works for your body and mind. Our general rule is always to “start low and go slow”. If you find the dosage to be too much or not enough, it’s easy to adjust accordingly.

Find out just how much CBD oil you need by examining our CBD dosage guide below.

A bag of CBD pet treats on a table with a dog toy and collar.

CBD Dosing for Pets

Pets have an endocannabinoid system just like us. This means CBD can help support our furry friends’ overall health and wellness.

Similar to humans, CBD dosing varies depending on a pet’s weight, symptoms, and a variety of other factors. We recommend adding it slowly to their routine by following the minimum recommended amount and increasing the dosage as needed. For Green Gorilla™ pet balm, apply a small amount of balm directly to the affected area and gently massage it in until it’s been fully absorbed.

Before introducing CBD to a pet, keep in mind that animals process CBD differently than humans. For example, you shouldn’t give a horse as much CBD as a human who weighs as much as a horse. Understanding CBD dosing for animals is essential before trying CBD.

Find out exactly what dosage you should give your pets using our helpful chart.

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