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All Green Gorilla™ CBD products contain mindfully selected organic ingredients with powerful wellness benefits.

Discover how these incredible natural ingredients contribute to your favorite CBD gummiesbalms, and more by reviewing the remedial properties below.



Supports fast relief from soreness and aches.


Supports the body’s natural functions and helps restore balance and equilibrium.

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Energizes and refreshes the skin while aiding against inflammation.

Shea Butter

Nourishes and restores the skin’s natural youth and promotes healthy collagen production.


Contains essential protein and is USA-sourced and humanely raised.


Promotes a sense of internal and external relaxation and clarity.


Contains antioxidants, is derived from red grape skins, activates cell renewal, and helps achieve firmness in the skin.


Contains antioxidants and supports a healthy immune system.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Contains healthy fats, is rich in antioxidants, and boasts excellent bioavailability.

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Contains antioxidants and supports overall physical well-being.

Sunflower Oil

Moisturizes and protects the skin from environmental damage.


Contains vitamin C and promotes skin hydration.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a powerful antioxidant with therapeutic and antibacterial properties. It calms and soothes irritated skin, promotes healing.

Passion Flower

This herbal extract is a powerful antioxidant that helps to relax the nervous system and ease away tension.


The resin of the Boswellia serrata trees is a common and important herb in Ayurvedic medicine, helping to reduce stiffness and swelling.

Reishi Mushroom

The Reishi mushroom has been a staple fungus combined with herbal medicine for centuries. It has immune-boosting benefits.


Used by many to Promote sleep. This herbal extract provides health benefits including relaxing the mind and soothing sore.

Curcumin C3 Complex

This super anti-oxidant is a patented extract from turmeric root. It provides optimal protection and integrity to cells.


Elderberry contains a variety of vitamins and antioxidants essential for immune support. It helps clear the body of negative free radicals.


EpiCor® is a powerful supplement that boosts and strengthens the immune system. EpiCor® is made through fermentation and is a whole food yeast.

Grape Cell Extract

This antioxidant helps nourish and heal dry skin, repair the effects of sun-damage, and improve texture and tone for healthier and youthful.

Sensoril Ashwagandha

A proprietary blend of both leaves and roots of the Aswagandha plant helps improve mental health, mood, fatigue, and vitality.


This essential amino acid helps the body build proteins and other important molecules necessary to help restore your body’s normal function.


This non-protein amino acid promotes relaxation and mental focus without drowsiness. It is also known to reduce nervousness and mental stress.

Tryptophan (5-HTP)

This amino acid is naturally produced & works in the brain and central nervous system by increasing the production of serotonin.

Vitamin B-6

This vitamin supports healthy protein and amino acid metabolism. It also helps the body make melatonin, which is important for sleep.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most effective immune-boosting supplements. While found in many vegetables and fruits, it is water-soluble.


Zinc is a vital nutrient and mineral that is required for numerous processes in our body. It can aid in regulating proper immune function.


Selenium is an essential trace mineral that supports many bodily processes. It can help support mental wellbeing and immune system functions


Astragalus has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It is often promoted for its health benefits on the immune system.

Echinacea Purpurea

Many herbalists recommend echinacea to help boost the immune system and help the body fight invaders.


Oregano can help to boost the immune system and supports inflammatory responses

Acacia Gum

Gum arabic is the gum that is exuded from certain trees, such as the Acacia Senegal tree. It’s a dietary fiber that can dissolve in water.

Humulus Lupulus (Hops)

Hops are used to help with restlessness, tension, and stress.

Calendula officinalis

Helps to soothe chapped and cracked skin, sunburn, bruising rashes, and irritations.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a perennial herb from the mint family and has calming effects.

Holy Basil

Helps to decrease soreness and swelling.

Devil’s Claw

This is a plant from South Africa long valued by the native people to support the inflammatory response system.


Supports the inflammatory response system.

Green Tea

Studies suggest that green tea may positively affect skin health and overall wellness.

Piper Nigrum

An antioxidant that helps to boost the immune system


A natural emulsifier that helps with skin and internal body wellness.


A great antioxidant that supports inflammatory response.


An essential oil, highly touted for its soothing use as an aromatherapy treatment.


Helps prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations


A natural thickener, emulsifiers, that is also soothing.


Supports healthy skin and helps fight off dryness and irritation.

Nigella Sativa (black cumin)

Used in herbal treatments to calm and restore balance.

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