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CBD Articles

Welcome to the Green Gorilla™ blog! We invite you to educate and entertain yourself with handy CBD information, delicious CBD oil recipes, and the latest in industry news. We’re not just spilling our thoughts, here—we invite actual wellness experts, nutritionists, and active members of the CBD industry to share their research and perspective.

Get the most out of our organic CBD products by learning about CBD today!

Try Delicious CBD Recipes

Did you know you can add CBD oil into just about anything? If you’re a savvy cook—or just willing to try a new recipe—our clever chefs are always inventing new and delicious ways to supplement CBD in your diet and stay healthy while you’re at it. Our CBD articles teach you how to cook with CBD oil while balancing its earthy flavors and retaining its natural remedial properties.

Uncover CBD Science & Myths

Like any popular trend, CBD is surrounded by myths and mysteries. We bring you scientifically accurate CBD information that sticks to the facts and dispels extravagant claims. After all, we want you to get the most out of our CBD products, and that means helping you learn about CBD the right way.

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