Green Gorilla is committed to always practicing transparency to our consumers.  That’s why we are now ensuring that product information can be clearly accessed at the click of a QR Code. QR codes will be added to every bottle of Hemp & Olive™ products leading to a dedicated page that contains information on each batch of the product, ingredient profiles, quality control methods and certificates of analysis.


All Green Gorilla products are formulated and produced by contract laboratories in FDA and USDA NOP Certified Organic facilities ensuring manufacturing compliance to all cGMP standards and requirements.  All Green Gorilla contract laboratories have been thoroughly and rigorously vetted, audited and ultimately approved by Green Gorilla’s Chief Compliance Officer.  All batch records including finished goods batch size, date of manufacture, product lot coding, as well as all individual ingredient traceability and ingredient lot information, are controlled and maintained by the contract laboratories per FDA and cGMP requirements.