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Certificate of Analysis

Green Gorilla is committed to always practicing transparency to our consumers. That’s why we are now ensuring that product information can be clearly accessed at the click of a QR Code. QR codes will be added to every bottle of Green Gorilla Organics™ products leading to a dedicated page that contains information on each batch of the product, ingredient profiles, quality control methods and certificates of analysis.

Green Gorilla products have also been tested for glyphosate ensuring that no herbicides were used to produce any of our organic ingredients. All our third –party testing is done by labs that are ISO certified for full traceability, batch reporting and quality assurance.  

Pure CBD

Organic Pure CBD Oil 3000mg
604260-1996276042-6Pure CBD Oil 600 mg (Lemon Flavor) – 2 fl ozUSDA Organic
603270-1996276032-7Pure CBD Oil 600 mg (2 fl oz)USDA Organic
308537-8779093085-3Pure CBD Oil 450 mg (1 fl oz)USDA Organic
566287-5283065662-8Pure CBD Oil 150 mg (Lemon Flavor) – 1 fl ozUSDA Organic
985617-5283029865-1Pure CBD Oil Single Serving Pack 30 mgUSDA Organic
580357-9388865803-5Pure CBD Oil Single Serving Pack 50 mgUSDA Certified Organic
562227-5283065622-2Pure CBD Oil 150 mg – 1 fl ozUSDA Organic
606240-1996276062-4Pure CBD Oil 1500 mg (2 fl oz)USDA Organic
609210-1996276092-1Pure CBD Oil 3000 mg (2 fl oz)USDA Organic
569257-5283065692-5-7Pure CBD Oil 7500 mg (2 fl oz)USDA Organic

Broad-Spectrum CBD

USDA Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 1200mg
30299iBCB752830299351Certified Organic Botanical CBD Balm 1200mgUSDA Organic
30298iBS752830298859USDA Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 1200mgUSDA Organic
16912iBS644216912483USDA Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 2400mgUSDA Organic

Full-Spectrum CBD

USDA Certified Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 3000mg by Green Gorilla
988597-5283029885-9Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 1200 mg – 1 fl ozOrganic
16790iFS644216790708Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 3000 mg – 2 fl ozOrganic

CBD Gummies

Gorilla Gummies Ultra Wellness Berry Medley
659967-8779016599-6Gorilla Gummies 600mgOrganic
906096-4421679060-9Gorilla Gummies 300mgOrganic

CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules – Inflamend
391906-4421693919-0Sleep — Vegan CBD CapsulesOrganic
392996-4421693929-9Inflamend — Vegan CBD CapsulesOrganic
415646-4421674156-4Defense — Vegan CBD CapsulesOrganic
414656-4421674146-5Balance — Vegan CBD CapsulesOrganic
390916-4421693909-1Relax — Vegan CBD CapsulesOrganic

CBD Topicals

Botanical CBD Balm Intensive Relief - 750mg | Green Gorilla
638230-1996276382-3CBD Lip Balm 20 mgUSDA Organic
127806-4421691278-0Botanical CBD Balm 750 mg – 1.75 ozUSDA Organic
30299iBCB752830299351Botanical CBD Balm 1200mg – 1.75 ozUSDA Organic
65798i787790165798Botanical CBD Balm 3000mg – 1.75 ozUSDA Organic
126816-4421691268-1Pure CBD Oil Botanical Balm for Pets 300 mg – 1.75 fl ozUSDA Organic
388966-4421693889-6CBD Body Lotion – Rejuvenating + Healing 1000mgUSDA Organic
388956-4421693899-5CBD Face Creme — Collagen Activator 1500mgUSDA Organic
993517-5283029935-1Botanical CBD Balm 300 mg – 1.75 ozUSDA Organic

CBD For Pets

cbd nibs
573287-5283065732-8Pure CBD Oil For Pets 150 mg – 1 fl ozUSDA Organic
383617-8779093836-1Pure CBD Oil For Pets 450 mg – 2 fl ozUSDA Organic
624200-1996276242-0Pure CBD Oil For Pets 600 mg – 2 fl ozUSDA Organic
625290-1996276252-9Pure CBD Oil For Pets 1500 mg – 2 fl ozUSDA Organic
989587-5283065662-8Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Pets 1200 mg – 1 fl ozOrganic
902036-4421679020-3Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Pets 2400 mg – 2 fl ozUSDA Organic
987507-5283029875-0Freeze-Dried CBD Dog Nibs 180 mg – 2.1 fl ozLamb
903026-4421679030-2Freeze-Dried CBD Dog Treats Mini-Size 15 mg – .2 ozLamb

CBD Oil For Horses

USDA Certified Organic Pure CBD Oil from Hemp Extract for Horses - 7500mg | Green Gorilla
128896-4421691288-9Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Horses 2400 mg – 2 fl ozUSDA Organic
985527-5283029855-2Pure CBD Oil For Horses 7500 mg – 2 fl ozOrganic

Glyphosate Testing

124836-4421691248-3Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 2400 mg – 2 fl ozUSDA Organic
905006-4421679050-0Gorilla Gummies Travel Size 20mgOrganic
993517-5283029935-1Botanical CBD Balm 300 mg – 1.75 ozUSDA Organic
603270-1996276032-7600mg PURE CBD OILUSDA Organic

ISO Lab Certificates

Encore Labs CertificateISO Certificate
374 Labs CertificateISO Certificate

All Green Gorilla products are formulated and produced by contract laboratories in FDA and USDA NOP Certified Organic facilities ensuring manufacturing compliance to all cGMP standards and requirements. All Green Gorilla contract laboratories have been thoroughly and rigorously vetted, audited and ultimately approved by Green Gorilla’s Chief Compliance Officer. All batch records including finished goods batch size, date of manufacture, product lot coding, as well as all individual ingredient traceability and ingredient lot information, are controlled and maintained by the contract laboratories per FDA and cGMP requirements.

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