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  • Certified Organic cbd lip balmOrganic CBD lip Balm

    CBD Lip Balm 80mg

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    Certified Organic 

    Certified Organic CBD lip balm for sale from Green Gorilla™ helps hydrate parched lips while sealing in lasting moisture. Our formula blends rich organic ingredients like sunflower, lavender, and peppermint that work in tandem with powerful CBD to deliver an enriching, soothing effect. You’ll never want another CBD hemp lip balm again!

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    A jar and box of Green Gorilla™ CBD cream for sale against a white backgroundOpen jar of Green Gorilla™ CBD Face Crème in pile of loose white crème

    CBD Face Crème

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    Green Gorilla™ sells a truly one-of-a-kind CBD cream for sale. This nourishing hemp face moisturizer is infused with a powerful combination of resveratrol and Coenzyme Q10. Formulated to rejuvenate all skin types, our CBD collagen cream is elevated by 1500mg of broad spectrum hemp extract and contains 375mg of active CBD. Its collagen activators are potent enough to support and protect damaged cells while still being gentle enough to soothe sensitive skin. 

    Ready to try the finest THC-free CBD face cream for sale? Unlock your skin’s maximum wellness potential today!

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    A bottle of Green Gorilla™ CBD cream 1000 mg

    CBD Body Lotion 1000mg

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    Our luxurious broad spectrum 1000mg CBD cream provides deep nourishment and relief that sinks beneath the skin. Its unique formula utilizes grape cell extract, natural enzymes and antioxidants, and moisturizing organic ingredients designed for long-lasting hydration. Blended with 250mg of active CBD and 1000mg of hemp extract, this lotion helps ease discomfort caused by sore muscles and joints. Buy it today at Green Gorilla™!