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woman holding different types of CBD, bottles of liquid oil in her hands

Are you worried, low energy, or stressed? Do you have body aches and soreness? CBD oil is a supplement that can help reduce stress and soreness in the body. CBD oil is a growing industry that helps support your body and mind’s overall health and wellness. Find out more about the different types of CBD and your health needs below.

What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants such as hemp or marijuana. The CBD compound from cannabis plants resembles human cannabinoid receptors very closely. Therefore CBD interacts well with your natural endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help balance your body and relieve symptoms such as soreness, fatigue, joint stiffness, stress, and more. There are different types of CBD products to provide you with a very potent and effective supplement for the wellness of your health.

How Does CBD Work in the Body?

CBD works with the endocannabinoid receptors in your body to maintain a balance between different systems of the body. CBD helps reduce tension and soreness of muscles and joints. Stress can deplete your receptors and impact how your body reacts physically and mentally to situations. By adding CBD oil as a supplement to your wellness routine, you can recharge and rebalance your endocannabinoid system. A more balanced ECS helps fight against harmful agents in your body and produces more positive and calm responses from your body.

Green Gorilla™ CBD bundle

What Type of CBD Oil is Right for Me?

When you’re searching for CBD oil, there are a number of different types of CBD that could be suitable for you: liquid oil, capsules, gummies, or balms. You can use CBD balms externally. CBD capsules and gummies are made for internal digestion. CBD liquid oil can be great for both internal and external use. If you’re not sure how to choose between CBD products, try more than one with the Green Gorilla™ CBD Bundle.

What Makes Liquid CBD Oil Right for Me?

Liquid CBD oil is the most popular format of CBD oil. Typically consumers use a dropper to measure and take the proper dosage of CBD oil for your needs. Here are seven reasons why liquid CBD oil may be your best choice between the different types of CBD oil.

7 Reasons to Use Liquid CBD Oil

  • CBD oil is the fastest way to get CBD into your system. A drop of oil placed under your tongue will immediately absorb through your salivary glands and enter your bloodstream. You’ll feel the effects very quickly which can be great, but if you’d like a slower release, you may want to try adding CBD oil in food rather than directly under your tongue.
  • Liquid CBD oil has not undergone any added processing, unlike capsules or gummies, so it tends to be more affordable to purchase.
  • Of the different types of CBD oil, the liquid format is available as full-spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolates. With full-spectrum CBD, you can get the full effects of the cannabinoids, including THC whereas with broad-spectrum CBD, you don’t experience all the plan compounds.
  • You can manage the dosage easily with a liquid oil dropper. If you need to adjust the amount you’re taking, this is the most accessible form to do so. 
  • CBD oil is also versatile in how you apply the dosage. You can use it externally or orally in whatever dosage your body requires.
  • Although liquid CBD oil is easy to carry around, it can be the messiest of the different types of CBD. If you plan to take it to-go, make sure to pack it in a bag with a paper towel or cloth in case of a spill or leak.
  • CBD oil may have added ingredients to help with the taste. For example, Green Gorilla™ offers CBD oil infused with a lemon flavor. This taste is excellent in tea or on salads if you do not want it by itself.
Green Gorilla™ CBD Balance capsules on sheet

What Makes CBD Oil Capsules Right for Me?

A different type of CBD oil that you can use is CBD capsules. Here are five reasons why CBD capsules might be the best option for your wellness journey.

5 Reasons to Use CBD Capsules

  • With a capsule, you never have to guess what dosage to take since each capsule will always have the same amount of CBD. If you know what dosage works best for you, this is an excellent option for CBD intake.
  • CBD capsules can come in either gel or powder form like the Green Gorilla™ Balance Capsules and are suitable for extended-release.
  • CBD capsules can be found in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate strength. You can choose which power you would like for this product.
  • As with different types of CBD, a capsule is very easy to take with you. You can take these anywhere and mix them with your other daily medications and supplements. They won’t cause a mess either!
  • CBD capsules, like most other pills, do not have a taste. Here at Green Gorilla™, all our products are vegan, so you can be sure that we made your capsule casings for your CBD oil with the finest vegan ingredients.
Green Gorilla™ Chill Gummies spilling out of bag

What Makes CBD Oil Gummies Right for Me?

Gummies are the tastiest of all the different types of CBD. They are increasingly popular because if you struggle to take supplements, these quick, delicious gummies are an excellent option.

6 Reasons to Take CBD Gummies

  • Gummies are the perfect option when you need a fast pick-me-up or to relieve soreness. The CBD in the gummies is quickly released into your digestive tract and bloodstream. 
  • As with capsules, gummies are easy for on-the-go days. Grab your bottle of gummies and hit the road for a trip. Pop one as directed and keep going through your day with a relaxed mind and body.
  • CBD gummies are different from the other types of CBD since you can cut them up in smaller doses if needed, making them easy to use and dose. Or eat a full gummy for a reliable way to know exactly how much you’re taking at a time.
  • Gummies are an attractive option because of their delicious flavors. At Green Gorilla™, we offer our CBD gummies in three wonderful flavors: Wild Berry, Strawberry, and Gorilla Berry. 
  • If you choose to take gummies you can find some vegan options. Unlike different types of CBD, some companies make gummies with animal by-products, but Green Gorilla™ offers completely vegan gummies.
  • Since gummies are made using a different filtration process and other ingredients are added, they’re usually not offered in full-spectrum strength. However, similar to different types of CBD, gummies do come in broad-spectrum and pure strength options.
wo jars of Botanical CBD Balm on marble counter

What Makes CBD Oil Balms Right for Me?

You typically think of spas and relaxing moments when you think of balms or creams. Those relaxing moments are precisely what CBD oil balms can accomplish. Here are four reasons why CBD balms may be the option for your body.

4 Reasons to Use Balms

  • Balms are different from the other types of CBD mentioned, these are for external use only. When you have skin irritation or a muscle problem, creams are great for helping with swelling and soreness. You can rub it into the area and help support the skin and tissue.
  • Balms are easy to take with you wherever you go. If you have a problem with your skin during the day, simply take it out and apply as needed. 
  • Massage the intended area and offer it some care. Balms are perfect for taking the opportunity to stop for a few moments and pamper your body. Even if it’s your lips, take some extra time to rub in the cream while applying.
  • You can use these topicals in addition to CBD liquids, gummies, or capsules. Since the CBD is being used externally, you can supplement this with an ingestible at the same time. Use different types of CBD to double your efforts with your body aches.
Green Gorilla CBD Face Cream

What CBD Oil Strength is Right for Me?

CBD oil products come in different strength options so you can choose which is best for your needs.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is the most concentrated and effective. It is an unrefined oil that comes straight from the hemp plant. Full-spectrum may contain up to 0.3% THC, so make sure you are comfortable with that before purchasing.

Broad-spectrum hemp oil is a different type of CBD with a lower concentration but is still very effective. It has up to 1% THC, which is non-traceable. However, Green Gorilla™ makes all their broad-spectrum products with 0% THC

Pure or isolate CBD oil does not contain any other compounds other than CBD. It is a very effective refined supplement to help your body with stress and soreness without THC. Whole hemp CBD oil alone will not create psychoactive responses.
Do some research as you decide which of the different CBD oil types is right for you. Ensure the company tests for quality and assurance of pure CBD oil ingredients. Most companies that focus on these critical details will list their lab results for customers to view anytime. You will want to be sure the CBD oil contains the correct ingredients and amounts before taking the supplement.

I Still Can’t Decide

Whether you’re looking for capsules, gummies, oils, or balms, Green Gorilla™ has the perfect CBD supplement for you. A great way to figure out what CBD oil is right for you might be to try one of our CBD bundles. Our bundles include different types of CBD so you can find the perfect one for you. Let Green Gorilla™ take the guesswork out of your decision as you try our Favorites Bundle, which includes CBD liquid oil, gummies, and balms. 

Why Use Green Gorilla™ CBD Oil?

Green Gorilla™ is the first launched USDA certified organic CBD oil seller. Our founders focus on making vegan-only products that are pure, concentrated, and effective for helping people and pets supplement their health and wellness with CBD oils. 

The organic ingredients that make up our CBD products receive high ratings from our customers and media outlets. Our farm-to-shelf practices help ensure you get the finest ingredients in each product. A third-party lab tests all of our products, and we list the results on our website. 

Whether you decide to try CBD oil, capsules, gummies, or balms, Green Gorilla™ has a product for you. Search our CBD oil products, and you will find different strengths and doses that meet your physical and mental wellness needs. Shop Green Gorilla™ today to start gaining a new relaxed perspective on life with our different types of CBD.

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