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Are you a complete novice to CBD, overwhelmed by the amount of information and products on the market? If you found this guide, we assume you’ve heard enough about CBD to be intrigued. We’ll walk you through CBD basics so you can start trying CBD and experiencing the incredible wellness benefits the hemp plant has to offer. We hope you find inspiration in this guide to CBD for beginners!

1. Learn What CBD Is and How It Works

You may have seen CBD touted for everything from acne to stress relief and wondered how a single plant extract can do so much.

Truthfully, there is no miracle cure-all plant in this world. That being said, the myriad benefits of CBD do seem almost miraculous. That’s because CBD works on a molecular level to regulate the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, a system that regulates everything from emotional reactions to appetite.

Separate the fact from myth. Since CBD is derived from the same plant as the notorious psychoactive compound, THC, constant misinformation surrounds CBD. Don’t get all your information from Facebook or Twitter. Find reliable sources on CBD basics written by experts.

For a more thorough guide on how CBD works in your body and mind, read our What Is CBD? page.

2. How to Use CBD for Beginners

Before you start shopping, you should always consider what you want to use CBD for. Beginners might think that they can try CBD in any form for any purpose. After all, CBD is a simple plant extract with little variation in its raw form. However, CBD can affect you in different ways depending on a variety of factors, especially:

  • How you administer CBD
  • What other ingredients are included in the CBD product
  • How much CBD you take

These factors can affect the absorption time, the area of your body or mind it affects, and its overall impact. Additionally, your unique body chemistry can affect how you absorb CBD and what effect it has. Make sure you take our CBD basics quiz to find the ideal product for you.

How to Choose the Right CBD Product for Your Purposes

  • Are you stressed and unfocused?

If you’re trying CBD to calm a stressed mind, you should look for CBD oil or capsules that contain soothing herbal ingredients along with the CBD itself. Our vegan Relax capsules, for instance, include herbs such as ashwagandha and passionflower extract that help you stay relaxed and focused.

  • Do you deal with constant aches, soreness, or discomfort?
    • If yes, are these aches focused on a single area of the body, or are they body-wide?

If your aches are in a single location, e.g. a sore muscle or an aching joint, a topical balm might be for you. Topical CBD absorbs quickly into a targeted area, creating a cool and refreshing sensation directly where you want it. You will not get as much of a full-body effect using topicals—which is desirable for some people.

If you have full-body aches or soreness, or your discomfort stems from a deep internal area that balm cannot reach, you may benefit from the full-body effects of CBD oil.

  • Are you trying to soothe irritated, damaged, or acne-prone skin?

We also recommend topicals for this purpose. Blending CBD with organic skincare ingredients such as eucalyptus or resveratrol creates a deep hydrating effect that promotes firm, healthy, young-looking skin.

  • Are you trying to sleep?

Administering CBD oil on the gums is one of the fastest ways CBD can affect your body. This may work to help some people sleep, but if you’re looking to gently and slowly ease into sleep, you should try a slow-release capsule or gummy an hour or so before bed. CBD absorbs slower through your digestive system, letting the calming effects slowly sink into your system.

Don’t do anything too stimulating or strenuous after you’ve tried CBD for the night. Use CBD as part of a slow, relaxing nighttime routine, such as when you take a bath or read a book.

  • Are you trying to promote general recovery or wellness? 

Almost any type of CBD can work as a supplement to promote general wellness and recovery. You’re best off taking CBD that has a full body-and-mind effect, such as oil, capsules, or gummies.

  • Did you know? You can also incorporate CBD oil into food recipes as a tasty and nutritious way to get your daily supplement!

3. Learn the Golden Rule to Dosing: Start Low and Go Slow

After you’ve chosen your delivery method, you next need to learn how much to take and when. As we mentioned above, CBD can affect you differently according to a variety of factors, such as:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Metabolism
  • Tolerance (especially if you’ve used CBD before)
  • The severity of your symptoms

No matter what, stick to one of our CBD basics: start low and go slow. Increase your intake only if you feel like the effects could be stronger, and only increase your dosage in the smallest possible increment once a day.

Ensure you read our dosing guidelines for more thorough information and read your package instructions for details on your product. Taking too much CBD is not especially dangerous, but it will not have the effect you’re after—which acts against the whole reason you’re trying CBD in the first place.

  • Side note: With topicals, the “dosage” is simple: simply rub a generous amount on the affected surface and reapply as desired.

4. Only Purchase CBD from a Certified Organic, Lab-Tested Source

CBD is not an FDA-regulated substance. This means that many manufacturers can get away with incorporating low-quality ingredients into their CBD products and claiming they are organic when they have not been certified.

Always purchase CBD from a trusted retailer whose hemp has been certified as organic by a credible organization. At Green Gorilla™, our hemp has been declared certified organic by the USDA and Oregon Tilth. We use only the highest-quality organic botanicals in our products along with our CBD, allowing you to experience CBD’s benefits just the way nature intended.

We hope you’ve gained some valuable insight in this guide to CBD for beginners. If you’re ready to get started trying CBD, you can shop Green Gorilla™ online today.

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