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Hemp plant

In a world with increased interest in health and wellness, new products and ingredients seem to pop up every day making claims of miraculous changes in physical and mental well-being. CBD is no exception in this vortex that can often include myth and rumor. As proprietors of the purest, organic, and naturally produced CBD in the industry, we like to think we know a little bit more about the hemp plant and cannabidiol than the average Joe so let us set the record straight on some of the most pervasive misconceptions out there.

1. Will CBD get you high?

Unsurprisingly, this is the most common question in regards to CBD, for both ingestible products and topical applications. The short answer is “Absolutely Not”. Both THC, a psychoactive compound, and CBD naturally occur in the hemp plant. However, once extracted from the hemp, CBD alone is non-intoxicating. It will not cause a “high”.Further, CBD is highly reactive with the Endocannabinoid System(ECS). Your body’s ECS acts as a platform that creates a synergistic feeling that affects a variety of cellular responses needed for homeostasis and healthy functioning which can in turn influence , memory, mood, appetite, stress, sleep, metabolism, and immune function.

2. There are no studies that support CBD claims

While we can’t make medical claims, many studies support the positive effects of CBD for everyday support such as for modern-day stressors, sleep, uneasiness, and exercise-induced soreness. Until 2018, Farm Bill hemp’s medical benefits were difficult to research. Some U.S. universities have been permitted to research the plant and more advanced trials are underway overseas in places like the UK, Israel, and Italy. And though 2018 saw the legalization of hemp-derived CBD, the industry has a long way to go regarding clinical trials and additional research. Many people integrate CBD into their daily health routine as a natural way to support their body’s overall balance and find a sense of calm, focus, relief from everyday stresses, aid in recovery, and help with their sleep cycle. Research is ongoing when exploring the properties of CBD and new uses for this hemp-sourced wonder will indeed be explored. If you are curious about trying CBD and its various forms, try exploring Green Gorilla’s CBD Quiz to find the formulation most suited to your needs.

3. CBD does nothing

When unpacking the many potential benefits of CBD, one needs to first understand the conditions or symptoms they are trying to support. Acting as if CBD is a miracle “cure-all” product only furthers the misconception that it’s a product full of false claims and murky anecdotes. When evaluating if CBD is working for you take a survey of what you are currently experiencing so you have something to evaluate after testing CBD for 30 days. Because Green Gorilla’s CBD can help replenish the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body, changes may be subtle. Perhaps you feel more rested in the morning? Maybe you feel more focused at work? Making sure to establish realistic expectations is key to integrating CBD into your lifestyle to ensure optimal balance and equilibrium.

4. Marijuana and Hemp are the same

Though they are the same species, these two plants are very different when it comes to their biology and the foliage they produce. The key differentiating factor in their classifications comes from their tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. Shortly (and legally) put, hemp is defined as a cannabis plant that may contain 0.3 percent or less THC, whereas marijuana, also a cannabis plant, contains more than 0.3 percent THC. Green Gorilla derives 100% of our products from our company-owned hemp farm and farming partners, ensuring they are federally legal and contain compliant levels of THC.

5. The more CBD the better

Much like a supplement or vitamin, taking more than the daily value only results in a waste of products and active ingredients. Your body can only absorb so much CBD, and thus taking too much simply wastes the product by being naturally flushed out of your system. We suggest that you start with a low potency and gradually increase your intake of your CBD over a few days while observing the effects. Adjust your dosage based on how you feel. With that said, should you accidentally (or even deliberately) take more than the recommended dosage amount, you will not “overdose”. Green Gorilla’s CBD products are derived from hemp and as such naturally do not possess great enough amounts of THC to warrant such a response.

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