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The cherry on top to 2020? Election fatigue. This year has brought a variety of external factors that have created a collective sense of worry, stress and exhaustion throughout society. From working from home amidst a global pandemic to making sure the kids are staying diligent on Zoom. From the looming election to the subsequent fatigue of the news and political cycle that comes as a package deal. With these unprecedented times has come a general sense of unrest and uneasiness and as a health and wellness company we are especially attuned to the outside factors that affect our internal well being.

Getting lost in the flux of this angst is common, and we want to give you permission to unplug and unwind in order to maintain your internal equilibrium. Below are some of our favorite ways to relax and incorporate into our self-care routines.


We hate to state the obvious, but, well, here it is. Many of us are not aware of how much stimuli we encounter, especially when it comes to the news. As we consume our favorite television shows or surf our social media, we barely recognize that the cycle of current events is being broadcast to us in all sorts of ways. Take control of what you consume by limiting your time on your phones, on the computer or in front of the television.

Pursue “Safe” Stimuli

Seek out activities or content that give you a sense of calm or peace. Our favorite trick? Tapping into Netflix’s ample archive of old favorites that give us all the feels such as The Office, Mad Men, Breaking Bad or Glee. Executive director of Global Trauma Research Florence Saint-Jean notes that during times of stress we subconsciously direct our attention to things we designate as “safe”. This could be past memories, vacations or, yes, even our favorite shows or films from years past. We love indulging in a glass of wine or our ​Relax Capsules to drive home that inner tranquility.

On that same note, other forms of stimuli can include books or hobbies that bring you back to a mentality that is familiar and healthy. Painting, drawing, crossword puzzles or gardening are great alternatives that promote a calmed mindset. So go ahead, pick up your kids crayons and start on your own coloring book – you might find a sense of peace you haven’t had in years.

Work it Out at Home

With gyms, studios and most fitness facilities being closed, it’s no wonder why we’re all feeling the squeeze of our living room walls a little bit more these days. Fitness has always served as an accidental distraction from external noise. Think about it, you’re not scrolling your news feed on the Rowing Machine, right? No one’s checking the latest poll numbers amidst a Zumba routine. Whether it’s 10 minutes or 60 find time to quiet your mind by busying your body. Our pick? A YouTube yoga flow or a walk around the block. Whatever it is, make sure you’re finding time to nurture your body and the rest will follow. And if you’re sore, make sure to rub our ​Botanical CBD Balm​ into those trouble spots to speed up the recovery process.

Bring the Spa to You

There’s nothing a good old fashioned spa day won’t fix, and that rings as true today as ever. The only problem? Most spa facilities are closed. But never fear – it’s easy to recreate that experience at home. Find the perfect place that will ensure minimal interruptions and make sure the space feels tranquil – queue the dimmed lights, spa music (easy to find on YouTube!) and scented candle or essential oil diffuser. Put on your coziest bathrobe and commit an hour to your own relaxation. Take time to exfoliate with a ​homemade oatmeal scrub​, try dry-brushing to activate the lymphatic system, pour a warm bath with magnesium salts, or indulge in a face mask. Our tried and true routine? Cleanse the face and layer our ​CBD Face Creme​ over top – the rich and soothing ingredients instantly rejuvenate tired, stressed skin. Place a warm, damp face cloth on top and let sit for several minutes to help soak in the moisture.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with taking time away from the current events that are getting you down and negatively affecting your mental health. Whichever way you find personal serenity should be your go-to coping device right now and remind yourself “I can get through this”. Know that nothing lasts forever and the end is in sight, even if things feel especially tough right now. We here at Green Gorilla know how you feel and will be with you every step of the way.

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