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peppermint eggnog

By: Jenny Dao

Are you feeling overwhelmed this holiday season? You are not alone –  It’s the busiest time of year and this year comes with a lot of extra planning and problem- solving. While we agree that the holiday season is a wonderful time to give back and help those around us, we can also agree that we must allow time for self-love. Let’s be gentle with ourselves and slow down enough to enjoy the moments and things that we all love about the holidays like this magical and calming CBD – infused Peppermint Eggnog recipe!

4 cups of your favorite vanilla ice cream (dairy or vegan), softened

1 ½ cups cold milk (whole, low-fat dairy or dairy-free)

1 ½ teaspoon eggnog extract flavoring

1 teaspoon ground nutmeg

12 pumps of your Green Gorilla Certified Organic 2400mg Broad Spectrum CBD oil

Ground cinnamon or grated cinnamon sticks, for garnish

Crushed peppermint candy, for garnish

Candy cane, for decoration


Combine the first five ingredients in an emersion blender or hand mixer and mix until creamy.  Remove any lumps with a strainer before serving. Pour into chilled glasses.  Garnish with the ground or grated cinnamon and crushed peppermint candy.  Finally, decorate the glass with a candy cane, grab a blanket & book, and relax!

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