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In difficult and uncertain times, it can be hard to adapt to a new way of life, such as our new reality of working from home, fine dining from home, working out from home, home-schooling our children, maintaining physical distancing from friends and loved ones,  meanwhile trying to keep things “ normal”. With only so many hours to watch tv and scroll on your phone, there are many productive things to keep busy, such as scheduling time to exercisemeditating and cooking new dishes. If you are home with your children, caring for your elderly loved one or with friends, try these activities with them.  

Taking time to exercise 

You can keep those exercise and health goals alive while being at home. There is an abundance of home workout videos, Instagram & Facebook live classes, apps and step by step guides you can follow daily to keep your body moving and mind healthy. It’s especially important to maintain exercise habits and keep your immune system working. You can also go on walks or jogs around your neighborhood and get some fresh air, as long as you keep your distance from others safely. If you need some relief after working out, try our CBD botanical balm to boost your recovery and soothe achy muscles. These workout goals and exercise routines will give you something to look forward to, it will also bring you calming moments and more whole-body balance

Taking time to meditate

Most Americans aren’t raised to sit and say “Om.” But meditation has gained millions of converts, helping to ease body aches, calm the mind, improve organ health, boost mood and immunity.  A lot of the news and issues affecting the world can impact your mental psyche in a large way. Studies on Buddhist monks have shown that meditation produces long-lasting changes in the brain activity in areas involved in attention, working memory, learning, and conscious perception. We are all feeling anxious and worried with the current situation. Taking at least 15 minutes per day to focus away from the outside stresses and have some inner peace can be extremely rewarding. Try turning on soothing music, closing your eyes and allow time to forget everything for a short moment and find that mental solitude. Take our Pure CBD oil before your meditation to help reach a deeper sense of calm and relaxation.  

Cook some new dishes

Staying at home allows for time to go through our cookbooks or search online for new recipe inspirations using the ingredients and produce we have at home. If you have your children, elderly loved ones or friends that are staying at home with you, get everyone involved by cutting vegetables or mixing ingredients. Make it a fun group activity! Did you know that cooking with your kids helps develop necessary academic, cognitive and motor skills? If you find yourself being your kid’s educator, like millions of Americans, cooking can be a fun, multi-tasking activity. You will get your meal cooked and teach a full science-based concept at the same time. If you want to get fancy, you can use our full spectrum CBD oil in your dishes to get you feeling calm, relaxed and luxurious. Please remember that it’s important that while shopping for groceries that you take caution, once you get home wipe down or wash your grocery items before cooking with them or putting them away. Together we can find our flow, find focus, set intentions, and make the best out of our new way of life 

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