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There have been endless parenting challenges during COVID-19, and many adults and children are still coping with how social isolation and a pandemic have affected them. Even the best parent in the world couldn’t have gone through 2020 without experiencing new and difficult hurdles. 

While nothing is a miracle solution for being cooped up, productive habits and supplements like CBD for parents can help bring better days. Here are our best COVID parenting tips!

Make Lists

Being a parent often means doing fifty things at once, making it easy for little tasks fall through the cracks. During COVID-19, this parenting challenge of trying to remember everything has become even more prevalent for many.

Our solution: lists! Writing a to-do list helps you keep track of everything on your mind and make sure you don’t forget anything important. The moment you think of something you need to do, write it down. 

Whiteboards and notepads are good places to keep your list, but many like to save their to-do’s on their phones. We almost always have our phones on us for in-the-moment ideas nowadays, and cloud systems allow us to sync our lists across devices for the whole family.

Try to Stay Busy and Organized

It might seem counterintuitive, and it’s not a truth we often want to hear, but too much downtime can actually drain our energy. Some people find that staying busy and tackling projects can make you feel more productive, giving you an energizing morale boost.

It may be hard to police your habits and schedule, but just think of it as parenting yourself. You wouldn’t want your kids to imitate lazy, disorganized behavior, so this COVID parenting tip is all about setting the right example. For example, avoid:

  • Leaving piles of laundry unwashed or unfolded
  • Letting dirty dishes sit around
  • Staying on the couch longer than intended
  • Neglecting shopping or cooking so you have to resort to takeout

This is one parenting challenge during COVID-19 that’s difficult to face for many. Laziness can be a vicious cycle, so stop it when you can! Staying motivated during quarantine may feel impossible at first, but there are helpful tips to try—like supplementing with CBD for parents.

…But Let Yourself Relax Sometimes

There’s a difference between “not being lazy” and “never relaxing.” Your body needs to relax to function, and downtime in healthy doses is essential for your wellbeing. You’ll be able to tackle any parenting challenge during COVID-19 if you have enough energy and peace of mind. 

Here are some ways to combat parenting worries during the pandemic:

  • Learn how to meditate. Emptying your mind from disturbing thoughts is important. Meditation isn’t easy at first, but it’s an important way to remind yourself that you have the ability to make yourself feel calm and relaxed.
  • Try yoga or other light exercises you can do at home. Regular exercise is very important. If you can’t make it to the gym, play a yoga video. You can even make this a group activity with your kids if they’re old enough!
  • Remind yourself the world will return to normal. The pandemic isn’t going to last forever, and when we’ve gotten out the other side, we’re going to be stronger for it.

Keep Yourself Balanced with CBD for Parents

In the spirit of letting yourself relax while confronting all these parenting challenges during COVID-19, CBD for parents is very helpful. One of our best COVID parenting tips is to keep up with vitamins and supplements that promote your overall health. CBD helps give you a deep sense of calm and inner peace that helps you relax in even the most harrowing circumstances. 

But CBD doesn’t just keep you calm: it activates your endocannabinoid system to regulate many of your body’s essential functions, including:

CBD for parents can help you operate at your best even when the world feels chaotic. Oils, gummies, and capsules work better when taken as a regular supplement, and you can add it to your normal daily routine to make a big difference in your wellness. 

Be Real with Your Kids

One parenting challenge during COVID-19 is talking to your children about the reality of the pandemic. It’s not a fun conversation, and it can be hard for them to understand, but it’s an important dialogue to have. 

It’s not fair to lie to your children and tell them the world is completely normal. Being honest about the pandemic and telling your children that this is “just the way things are” is not productive. It’s going to make them more frustrated than anything. 

This COVID parenting tip is all about telling your children the truth about the world without scaring them. Explain why social distancing is important during a pandemic and why testing and vaccines help keep everyone safe. Teach them proper hand washing, sneezing, and other hygiene tips—all of which they can take with them throughout their lives. 

Above all, remind your children that you love them and you want the best for their health! Lifting each other up and having fun spending time with each other is going to work wonders for your mental health, allowing you to overcome some of the many parenting challenges you may face during COVID-19.

Find Powerful Support at Green Gorilla™

Green Gorilla™ is a safe and trusted source for you and your family in a tough time. Our CBD for parents is third-party tested, certified organic, and carefully extracted from sustainable United States hemp. 

If you’re having trouble relaxing while tackling your parenting challenges during COVID-19, you need the best hemp supplement available to help keep you healthy and calm. We wish you all the best during the remainder of this tricky time, and we hope that our CBD can help make everything a little bit easier!

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