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How Can CBD Help Your Nervous Dog?

Go to any dog park and you’ll likely overhear someone ask, “How does CBD help dogs?” before someone else shares their own remarkable account.

CBD is the new natural product for your pet’s health and wellness, and it’s just about everywhere these days. Similar to the ways that cannabidiol (CBD) has become popular with humans, CBD for dogs is a very hot topic.

Sometimes dogs become uneasy due to loud noises (thunder & lightning, fireworks, nail guns used during construction, etc.) while other times the source of their undue stress is caused by travel, veterinarian visits, or grooming appointments.

No matter what the circumstances are, it is hard to watch our pets suffer. If you’re curious about how CBD helps dogs with nervousness or want to know how to calm a nervous dog naturally, you’re at the right place.

Signs That Your Dog Is Nervous or Scared

Animal body language isn’t always straightforward or obvious. If you don’t know what to look for, you may not be able to recognize your pet’s distress! Here are some common behaviors or signs that your dog is anxious.

  • Excessive panting
  • Shaking or tremors
  • Whimpering or whining
  • Unusual or excessive barking
  • Hiding or cowering
  • Behavioral conditions like biting or increased aggression
  • Digging or other destructive behaviors around the house or yard
  • Unusual bowel control (diarrhea or instances of urination/defecation in the house)
  • Displacement behaviors (out of the ordinary scratching, sneezing, yawning, licking lips, pacing, fidgeting, sniffing, shaking the fur, repetitive self-grooming)

How to Calm a Nervous Dog Using CBD

No pet should undergo the mental strain of being afraid. Green Gorilla™ CBD products are non-psychoactive and made with all-natural, premium ingredients. This ensures your furry friend gets the benefits without the buzz.

Some pet owners love the lamb-flavored dog nibs, both for their small dosage and yummy flavor, while other owners prefer the higher concentrations that our CBD oils provide. How you calm your nervous dog is completely up to you and your pup’s preferences or needs. For example, a 600mg pure CBD oil would be perfect for daily well-being while a 2400mg full spectrum CBD oil would be best for targeted tranquility.

How Do I Know What the Right Dosage Is?

How CBD helps your dog and the extent of its benefits depends on finding the most effective dosage. When introducing your pet to CBD, much like when trying it for your own purposes, we recommend starting with the smallest possible amount for your pet’s weight. This allows you to slowly introduce CBD to your pet’s daily intake and monitor their reaction. Using general guidelines for 4mg of CBD per 10 lbs., please use the chart below to determine the appropriate dosage and see which product concentration might be right for your dog.


A chart with pet CBD dosing information.

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