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Everyone has adjusted as life eases into our pre-COVID schedules with the easing of the pandemic, our pets included! While many jobs are maintaining remote or hybrid options, pets who have become accustomed to their owners being home all day might experience some stress when their guardians suddenly disappear for long periods of time. Here are some suggestions on keeping your furry friends calm and happy as your in-person responsibilities return.

Three Ways to Help Your Pet Adjust:

1. Give them a special treat when you leave the house.

Before taking off for a long workday or an outing with friends, give your furry companion something out of the ordinary to keep them occupied and entertained while you’re gone. New toys or treats can distract them from your absence and keep them happy as you sneak away!

2. Spend quality time with them before you leave and when you get home.

To make up for your hours at the office or running errands, take your four-legged pal on a long evening walk or give them some extra cuddles before bed. Paying special attention to them when you are home can remind them that they’re loved and appreciated. 

3.  Use Green Gorilla Pet CBD products to keep them calm and stress-free while you’re away.

CBD pet products have a myriad of benefits, including stress relief. If your pet seems distressed when you’re away from home, this could be a great solution to keep them relaxed during the day. Keep reading to find out how CBD can help your furry BFF. 

How CBD Can Help Them Destress 

Much like in humans, CBD interacts with your animals’ endocannabinoid system (ECS) to promote equilibrium and balance their bodily functions. CBD interacts with specific hormones to help soothe aching joints and decrease stress within pets. Not only can CBD reduce muscle aches, but it is believed to react with receptors in the body to provide mental ease. In addition, just like in humans, CBD can stimulate the hormone serotonin, which is responsible for feelings of happiness and relaxation. Amidst all the excitement and busyness that comes with returning to in-person activities, let’s not forget about our pets. Help them stay chill and content with Green Gorilla CBD Pet Products

Which CBD Product Do I Choose?

CBD Dog Treats – These tasty dog nibs will be your pet’s new favorite treat! These treats are made with delicious humanely raised lamb and can help your pup remain stress-free when you leave the house. They’ll look forward to this parting gift instead of becoming upset when it’s time for you to head out for the day. 

CBD Pet Oil – This is a fast-acting form of relief that can promote a calm disposition and soothe any discomfort they might feel. This 0% THC product is a great way to provide your animal with quick relaxation to help get them through a day alone at home.

CBD Pet Balm – Our balm can bring physical relief to any aches your little friend might have, which can keep them feeling at ease and active while you’re away. Not only does our blend of relaxing ingredients such as eucalyptus, lavender, turmeric, and rosemary provide muscular relief, but it can also aid with healthy sleep patterns and a calm mood overall. 

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