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Green Gorilla™ CBD bundle

We’re happy to share that Green Gorilla™ was recently recognized in Newsweek for our sustainable, organic CBD products!

Newsweek mentioned us in an article about CBD products that can help soothe your mind during a troubled time. With all the upsetting news and stressful events happening in the world lately, Newsweek knows that many people are desperate for something natural that can help take the weight off—and our CBD Bundle is an excellent way to help.

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Newsweek noted a feature of our bundle we always strive for: it’s perfect for total beginners. Our organic Gorilla Gummies™ aren’t too potent for a novice, and their great vegan taste is accessible for everyone. The CBD balm and CBD lip balm are quick and easy to use, perfect for on-the-go application and relief.

Another factor Newsweek mentioned that we’re passionate about is our sustainable, organic farming practices. All of our CBD is sourced from our own eco-friendly hemp farms, and we always do our utmost to give back to Mother Nature by using renewable farming techniques. Quality starts at the source, and that’s why we only use “farm-to-shelf” CBD in our wellness products.

Try this limited edition bundle for yourself while supplies last!

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