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A golden retriever standing in front of an American flag.

Most pets aren’t keen on large displays of fireworks. In fact, more pets go missing on the Fourth of July than any other night of the year as they dig under (or jump over) fences in an attempt to escape from the explosions. This year, keep your four-legged friends as safe as possible with sensible precautions for dogs and fireworks and calming supplements for dogs.

Stay Home
Don’t Take Your Pet to Firework Displays
Go For a Walk before the Fireworks Begin
Bring Your Pets Inside
Distract Them with Toys
Keep Them Hydrated
Try Calming Supplements for Dogs
Make Sure Their Microchip is up to Date
Remain Calm and Collected

How to Keep Dogs Calm During Fireworks

1. Stay Home

The Fourth of July is certainly a time for festivities, but we can’t neglect our families while we go out on the town. Just as you would probably stay home if you had a newborn baby in the house, it’s also a good idea to stay home if you have pets who you know are frightened of fireworks. Simply being present will help keep them calm and help ensure they don’t escape.

2. Don’t Take Your Pet to Firework Displays

This should probably go without saying, but dogs and fireworks should never be mixed. If you decide to go out to watch a display, do not take your four-legged companions along with you. Instead, secure them in a locked room (with access to a bathroom or pee pad) or—better yet—have someone who knows how to keep dogs calm during fireworks stay with them.

3. Go for a Walk before the Fireworks Begin

A dog who hasn’t exercised is much more likely to be agitated than one who is thoroughly worn out from a walk. A few hours before the fireworks begin, take your dog on a nice long walk to help tire them out and work off all of their excess energy. Once you get home, your dog will probably be happy to lay down to rest, making them less likely to scratch at the door. Ideally, your pet will sleep through the entire event!

4. Bring Your Pets Inside

Whether your pet is an inside or outside animal, the Fourth of July is one night of the year that you’ll want to bring them inside. Once your dog or cat is in the house, close all of the windows and doors to reduce the noise of the explosions. Some pet owners who are experienced with dogs and fireworks even find it helpful to play soothing music or white noise to cover the loud and sudden booms of the display.

5. Distract Them with Toys

A dog laying on a wooden floor playing with chew toys.

Chew toys are your best friend when it comes to dealing with dogs and fireworks. As soon as the fireworks begin (or just before), distract your cat or dog with their toy or treat to keep them occupied throughout the event. If you’re feeling creative, this could be a good time to give your dog a puzzle, like some chews stuck in a bottle or a tough old toy that they can rip to shreds.

6. Keep Them Hydrated

Many people who have experience with dogs and fireworks will tell you that frightened dogs often forget to drink. While your pet is inside, hopefully staying calm and quiet, encourage them to drink by providing a fresh bowl of water or a water fountain. Hydration is especially important when you’re focused on how to keep dogs calm during fireworks.

7. Try Calming Supplements for Dogs

Some dogs are especially prone to irritability during firework displays. If this is true for your furry friend, you might consider offering your pet some calming supplements for dogs. Cannabidiol snacks can help calm your pet through the pathways of their endocannabinoid system, making the mix of dogs and fireworks less detrimental.

8. Make Sure Their Microchip Is up to Date

If—despite your best intentions—your cat or dog goes missing on the Fourth of July, their microchip details are your best hope of recovering your pet and bringing them home. Weeks before the parades and festivities begin, check your pet’s microchip details and update your address or contact number if needed.

9. Remain Calm and Collected

Finally, your pet is more likely to feel calm if you act like nothing is out of the ordinary. Once you’ve experienced firsthand that dogs and fireworks don’t mix, you can easily fall into the trap of becoming anxious and agitated yourself. If you’ve followed these tips and your dog or cat is secure, there’s nothing more to worry about. Just snuggle up, stay calm and collected, and enjoy a night with your four-legged bestie.

Choosing the Best Calming Supplements for Dogs and Cats

If you decide to try calming supplements for dogs, it’s essential to choose one that is safe, efficacious, and wholesome. At Green Gorilla™, we offer a wide range of CBD products for pets, ranging from nibs and CBD oils to topical CBD balms. All of our pet products are made with organic hemp that’s third-party lab tested and processed using good manufacturing techniques so you can rest assured that your pet is safe.

While dosage recommendations are provided on each packet, a good rule of thumb is to administer 2-4mg of CBD per 10lbs of weight. In the case of dogs and fireworks, it’s advisable to start giving your pet CBD a few days before the event to see how your dog responds to it and to help them feel relaxed and at ease.

Do you have more questions about how to keep dogs calm during fireworks or why we recommend Green Gorilla™? Reach out to our team to learn more about our certified organic hemp. 

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