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Vegetarians and vegans alike have always been thrilled about the earth-friendly, plant-based options at Green Gorilla™. Now, we’ve been publicly recognized in the Vegetarian Times for our commitment to all-natural skincare!

The Vegetarian Times featured our potent, deeply-hydrating CBD Body Lotion in their article about plant-based skincare brands. They noted that many beauty products on the market are teeming with toxic ingredients, and that your skin itself ingests what you put onto it. 

It’s more important than ever to make smart choices when it comes to what you put in—and on—your body.

All About Our Vegan CBD Body Lotion

Green Gorilla™ uses nothing but natural, deeply nourishing ingredients in our unique formula. We blend grape cell extract, antioxidants, natural enzymes, and organic moisturizers for hydration that sinks deep into the skin. 

This lotion includes potent broad spectrum hemp CBD, which provides soothing relief to sore joints, muscles, and inflamed skin. Topical CBD is a favorite for athletes and those with chronic injuries for its gentle yet powerful relief.

Try Plant-Based Skincare For Yourself

Are you ready to make a change to plant-based skincare? Green Gorilla™ and the Vegetarian Times agree that all-natural choices are better for you, your environment, and your community. Read more about our CBD body lotion!

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