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Business Insider Calls Green Gorilla Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets

Not for the first time, Green Gorilla™ CBD products have caught the attention of leading business publications.

Business Insider recently wrote an article discussing the launch of our broad spectrum CBD oil for cats and dogs, specifically our USDA Certified Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets 1200mg. Insider was impressed at the quality and purity of our product, noting:

Green Gorilla™ is dedicated to continually raising standards in an often-unregulated industry, committed to unwavering quality and wellness benefits in all products.

We’re thrilled to be recognized for our core mission! Green Gorilla™ is all about uncompromising quality in a market that’s flooded with inferior products and harmful chemicals. By self-regulating and meticulously formulating our products with natural ingredients, we keep both you and your pet safe.

Why Our Pet CBD Oil Is Exciting Investors and Consumers Alike

The Business Insider article noted something that thousands of people are learning every day: pets have an endocannabinoid system just like us, and we can use CBD to help them just as we would ourselves.

We formulated our broad spectrum CBD oil to help pets with many issues that inhibit them from living their life to the fullest. CBD for pets can help:

  • Keep your pet calm when you’re away
  • Reduce their discomfort and aches
  • Ease them into a restful sleep
  • Allow them to age comfortably
  • … and more!

We encourage you to see for yourself how CBD oil can help your pet!

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