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It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a decade since we began working towards our mission of bringing certified organic hemp CBD to customers nationwide. It’s been a long journey to get where we are today, but every step has been rewarding.

From a fledgling idea to one of the largest certified organic CBD companies in the country, we’d like to share the story of Green Gorilla™ CBD with you for our eighth anniversary. Learn how we got our stellar reputation and how we evolved with the times as the CBD industry skyrocketed in the United States!

Purity Pioneers

Green Gorilla™ cared about ethical, sustainable, pure CBD well before it was a trend. We were the first USDA Certified Organic hemp CBD brand in the country. The organic certification process takes a long time and effort, which goes to show our commitment and high standards.

Our quality, safety, and transparency standards soar far beyond almost any competitor in the industry. We use zero pesticides, herbicides, genetic engineering, or any kind of toxic chemicals in the growing or manufacturing process of our products. Green Gorilla™ CBD has a strong reputation as one of the most trusted CBD brands in the nation, and for good reason.

We weren’t just the first certified organic CBD company: we also carry the most certified organic CBD products of any brand in the country. We have options for people of all backgrounds, whether you’re an athlete looking to hasten your muscle recovery times, a busy parent looking for stress relief, someone who struggles to fall asleep at night, or simply a wellness lover.

Innovative Solutions for Evolving Needs

Trusted CBD brands have to grow and evolve with the times, and we’re proud to say we’ve adapted throughout our history. We’ve made constant efforts to expand our product line and offer more options, including a line of 0% THC hemp products that give peace of mind to working professionals and families.

National and state laws surrounding hemp and CBD have updated over time, changing what products we can sell and how we sell them. We constantly adapt to the changes and formulate new and innovative methods for distributing our products.

For example, in California, laws changed so we can only sell topical CBD products. As a result, we expanded our skincare collection and now offer some of the finest CBD topicals on the market today. We now offer nourishing and moisturizing lip balms, salves, and lotions that our customers are in love with.

The pandemic inevitably affected organic CBD companies. During tense times, more people than ever turned to natural supplements to calm their minds and boost their immune systems. We launched our line of capsules during the pandemic for this purpose, including our Green Gorilla™ CBD Defense capsules, which help support your immunity.

Another way we’ve expanded to meet customer needs is by creating our line of Green Gorilla™ CBD for pets. If you didn’t know, most mammals have an endocannabinoid system just like us, and most of the same CBD benefits are available for animals as they are for humans. We are proud to be able to offer the same natural, organic hemp to relieve your pet’s unease, aches, discomfort, and sleeplessness.

The 2018 Farm Bill

The 2018 Farm Bill dramatically changed the history of hemp in the United States. For the first time in decades, people could grow hemp products with less than 0.3% THC and manufacture and distribute hemp products.

The term CBD went from being virtually unheard of to a household name within months, and we were right there to meet the customer demand. We didn’t just hop on the CBD bandwagon because it was a hot trend. We’ve believed in the wellness benefits of hemp CBD since we witnessed its effects in the early 2000s, and we’ve been passionately advocating for it ever since.

We’re grateful for the way the 2018 Farm Bill has popularized and promoted this incredible natural substance—it’s helped our products improve so many lives!

Gorilla FarmCo: Why We Founded Our Own Hemp Farms 

We strive to keep our promises to our customers and ensure the highest possible standards of quality and safety. That’s why we decided to take the leap and obtained our very own organic hemp farm.

Gorilla FarmCo®  is a USDA Certified Organic, 1,474-acre hemp farm in Arizona. Green Gorilla™ CBD also partners with farmers in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon, and we oversee a grand total of over 10,000 acres of organic hemp!

Owning and operating our own farms is a key way we monitor our product quality, and it’s how we’ve earned a reputation as one of the most trusted CBD brands. The reason we can call ourselves farm to shelf is that we oversee every aspect of the CBD production process, from the second the hemp is planted to the moment we ship it to your door.

We keep our customers healthy and safe by employing sustainable practices, rigorous organic inspection, third-party lab testing, and non-invasive CO2 extraction methods that preserve the natural integrity of your product.

Thank You for Choosing Green Gorilla™ CBD

We wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today without customers like you believing in us and supporting us along the way. Our mission has always been to spread the natural benefits of hemp-derived CBD to as many people as we can, and we appreciate each and every customer who chooses the sustainable, organic option. To show we care, we offer a generous rewards program, subscription service, and fantastic customer service.

Here’s to eight more years of Green Gorilla™ CBD!

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