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Leaves are falling, pumpkins patches are open for business, and we can’t get enough of warm seasonal recipes. We’ve found ten of the best vegan fall recipes—including fall casserole recipes and a vegan gingersnap cookie recipe—and contributed our own unique wellness spin on them with the addition of CBD.

Get inspired for the season and whip up some delicious treats with organic CBD!

1. Butternut Squash, Portobello, and Spinach Casserole with Vegan Sausage

This tasty meal will warm up the coldest days with rich flavors, filling barley, and seasonal pumpkin. The recipe author says that most of the ingredients listed can be found at health food stores, so if you’re having trouble finding vegan sausage, for example, try there.

Add CBD to this dish by simply combining it with the chopped parsley garnish. The herbal taste of CBD oil will pair wonderfully with the other earthy flavors. For extra warmth and indulgence, serve this fall casserole recipe with a dry, slightly smoky red wine.

2. Gluten and Lactose-Free Organic CBD Gingersnaps (Vegan Substitutions Available)

Here’s a vegan gingersnap cookie recipe that comes with CBD in mind! This spicy, classic treat takes standard ingredients like molasses and ginger and adds the unique touch of ghee, xanthan gum, and pure CBD isolate.

If you’re a vegan, utilize the CBD method from the recipe but use the substitutions found in this vegan gingersnap recipe.

3. Sweet Potato “Rice” Fall Casserole Recipe

Ever heard of making rice out of sweet potatoes? Now’s the time to try it out if you’re curious! First, you’ll need a spiralizer to make the “rice”, an inexpensive kitchen tool that can also be used for zoodles and pumpkin pasta noodles.

This dish comes with a pesto that you can use to add your CBD if desired. Combine pesto to the recipe as instructed, but reserve a small amount of pesto to add in the CBD after you’ve cooked it. You don’t want to bake CBD, as heat can reduce its potency.

4. Easy Vegan Pumpkin Scones

If you’re not big on vegan gingersnap cookies, this recipe for pumpkin scones might be more to your taste! Pumpkin scones are a cozy, warming, indulgently tasty treat for fall, and they’re simple to make vegan. Have one buttered in the morning with your coffee or have them as a delightful dessert for an evening dinner with friends.

Supplementing CBD to these scones is incredibly easy: just add it to the drizzle once your scones have cooled. All you have to do is mix unflavored or lemon CBD oil with a splash of almond milk, cinnamon, and sugar to taste. 

5. Vegan CBD-Infused Waffles

Not a fall casserole recipe sort of person? Waffle and wellness lovers, this one is for you! This recipe is originally for cannabis, but you can easily swap it out for legal, non-intoxicating hemp CBD. The addition of coconut sugar and vanilla makes for a deeply warming and flavorful waffle that you can serve with your fresh autumn maple syrup.

Mix your CBD into your maple syrup or make the CBD-infused coconut oil as specified in the recipe to create a delicious, easy morning meal with supplements that keep you fueled throughout the day.

6. CBD Hot Sauce

CBD hot sauce can be used to spice up your food all year round, but we think it makes a great addition to our list of best vegan fall recipes! This particular recipe has an inventive blend of flavors we’ve never seen in a hot sauce before—mixing pineapple, rosemary, garlic, roasted Scotch bonnet chilies, and Romano peppers. It’s a tasty condiment that lasts all season long (depending on how much you use it!)

This hot sauce works well on everything from burritos to omelets, veggie burgers, and salads. It’s definitely the spiciest way to get your daily CBD supplements!

7. Vegan Fall Casserole Recipe

One of the best vegan fall recipes to share with your loved ones, this hearty dish isn’t just delicious: it’s easy. If you ever wondered why you ate so many casseroles or stews as a kid, you might have an adulthood realization that it’s because they’re simple, nutritious, delicious, and feed a whole family with ease. Casseroles and stews are often stuffed with meat, but this vegan dish isn’t lacking for its absence, using Tofurky as a rich alternative instead. 

Add CBD to this fall casserole recipe simply by drizzling the oil in your bowl! For dessert, follow our recommended vegan gingersnap cookie recipe.

8. Curried Butternut Squash Soup

It just wouldn’t be autumn without butternut squash soup! We’re in love with this particular dish for its vegan simplicity and the addition of maple syrup and shallots.

You have a few options for adding CBD to this dish: toss it with the toasted pumpkin seed garnish, mix it with your vegan cream, add it to the optional chili-garlic paste, or drizzle it on your bowl.

9. One-Pot Vegan Pumpkin Chili

This is one of the best vegan fall recipes for a crowd. You can make this hearty autumn chili in large quantities in a crockpot or large stovetop pot and serve it at a party or potluck.

Serve the CBD with crackers, vegan cheese, vegan sour cream, or as a drizzle.

10. Roasted Pumpkin Lasagna Boats (Vegan Substitutions Available)

Just as hearty as any fall casserole recipe, this has to be the most aesthetically pleasing meal on our list. These lasagna boats are hearty, nutritious, and baked directly in miniature pumpkins for an absolutely autumnal experience. 

Add CBD to this dish by drizzling it into the garnish. Just mix the fresh basil, cilantro, and vegan cheese with your desired amount of CBD oil and sprinkle it on top of your meal after cooking. Don’t bake the CBD with the pumpkins or it could lose its potency.

Cook the Best Vegan Fall Recipes with Green Gorilla™

Your CBD fall casserole recipes or vegan gingersnaps cookie recipe won’t get anywhere without the enrichening quality that comes from organic, ethically sourced hemp CBD. Avoid harmful chemicals and suspicious substances—instead, trust lab-tested, sustainable goodness from Green Gorilla™. Shop CBD oils for your autumnal dishes here.

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