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CBD Oil | Buy Cbd Oil By Green Gorilla, Inc.

This is a California based company that offers pure cbd oil. It was established in the year 2013 by
entrepreneur Sir Steven Saxton. His main drive was to carve out the most
reliable way of making available hemp and cannabis related products to all
inhabitants of our world. Its main focus is expanding the world’s access to
hemp based solutions. Hemp is included in the list of the oldest domesticated
crops. It has quite a wide range of uses, therefore it is a reliable source of
raw material for manufacture of many products. The flowers and seeds of this
crop are normally used in production of cosmetics and other general health care
supplements and foods. The stalks and fibers of this plant are used to make clothing, pulp and paper, plastics
and construction materials.

This international group engages itself with the proper cultivation of Hemp,
followed by the industrial extraction of its many vital components. This both
heal our bodies and preserves the environment in a sustainable manner for the
future population.

With over 30 years in the business world, Steven has perfected his entrepreneurial
skills in the corporate world, including refinancing and
capital raising for startups. He has also lead negotiations into many
partnerships, acquisitions, and roll-ups for both private and public officers.

Major leaps

In June 2016, Green gorilla announced a new shipping arrangement with Palko Services
for the company’s product Line. Through this agreement, Green Gorilla will gain
entry into the over 2,000 retail outlets and stores with which Palko Services
contracts. Palko Services is a renown distributor of natural products to
retailers spread across the US. It deals with a wide range of leading natural

In June 2017, Green Gorilla presented at the International Congress of Ortho-molecular
Practice. The company used the opportunity to further spread awareness and
accessibility of its Cannabidiol product line. With over 2,500 doctors
attending, the event promotes the holistic approach to medicine with the
practice of plant based alternatives such as the CBD oil. This has been
approved by the Brazilian government to treat Alzheimer’s, Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder (PTSD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Multiple
Sclerosis (MS), and Autism Spectrum Disorder through a doctor’s approval with a

Subsequently, in August 2017, the company expanded its brand internationally to South America, with headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. From Brazil, the products will
be easily distributed far and wide into other South American countries,
including, including Columbia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador,
Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. This is forecast to reach over 422 million
inhabitants of South America. This is just the start of the company’s global
expansion that will see increased access to its products by all who need to use

In July 2017, Green Gorilla exhibited its products in Superzoo, Las Vegas. The exhibit
focused on the Hemp and Olive Oil CBD Oil Products and Petcare and Equine line.
Superzoo is the largest pet industry trade show in North America. It was
established by the World Pet Association to congregate the entire pet industry
to connect, learn and do business.

In February 2017, Green Gorilla appeared in an exciting Academy award. Their own
supplements, cosmetics, and pet care products were featured in the Oscars
presenters green rooms.

In February 2017, the GreenGorilla rolled out the Master Grower plan. This focuses
on developing and obtaining fertile agricultural land for the cannabidiol
industry. The current growers of hemp and cannabis pay little attention to environmental
conservation. They normally use more artificial methods instead of going the
organic way. Green Gorilla changed this by working on an environmentally
friendly way to cultivate these plants. Lots of products can be created from
hemp/cannabis. The company is looking forward to widen its scope of operations
so as to adequately meet the need of customers.

Headed by Av Singh, the board looks intends to employ his experience and knowledge to
expand the company. Canada leads the entire world in the production of hemp
grain. Dr. Av Singh has constantly been consulted by many large-scale organic
hemp producers, who believe that quality soil for growing hemp must first be
both healthy and fertile. Thus Dr. Singh will ensure that Green Gorilla produces products that well
satisfy the user and ones that are produced organically.

Green Gorilla products were also featured in the 2016 Grammy awards. The company is
fast gaining a name internationally through their unique products.

Recently, in August, the company recruited Mr. Steve De Forest as Chief operations
manager. With over 35 years experience in product development, operations,
manufacturing, and production, this will surely allow green gorilla to further
refine its manufacturing capabilities. Also, Steve’s experience in CPG
(Consumer Packed Goods), HBA (Health and Beauty Aid), cosmetic, nutritional and
supplement industries is a plus to the company

How Green Gorilla Works

There are three basic steps manufacture of these CBD products. The process starts on
the farms by planting vast lands with hemp. This is possible several times a
year because hemp is a fast growing plant. When the hemp is ready to harvest,
Green Gorilla removes all the THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, from the
hemp. This removes any hallucinatory properties from the hemp and makes it
completely legal to sell in every state. You can freely and openly purchase,
consume and ship to any destination. You can even personally travel with it as
long as you restrict yourself to TSA’s size limitation of 3.4 oz.

Once the THC is removed, Green Gorilla naturally extracts the CBD. While many companies
would end the process at extraction, Green Gorilla takes it a step further and
purifies this CBD until it’s complete, 100% pure. Finally, Green Gorilla takes
its completely organic oil and infuses it with the 100% pure CBD. By combining
the two together, Green Gorilla assures that users are getting the beneficial
properties of CBD in an ideal delivery system, olive oil.

Comparison of Organic Olive Oil and polypropylene glycol & Vegetable Glycerin

Extra virgin olive oil is used for treating a huge number of health conditions. Most
manufacturers in this industry use either vegetable glycerin or polypropylene glycol as their carrier for the CBD.
These choices yield poor quality products. Vegetable glycerin mainly originates
from the production process of soaps. The excessive heat used in this process
destroys its health value. The end product contains much sugar and has laxative
properties. This can cause the user to experience, nausea, headaches and
vomiting. Propylene glycol is worse than vegetable glycerin. It mostly comes
from the manufacturing process of biodiesel.

The best way to deliver CBD to your body is by using extra virgin oils. Additionally, it
has synergistic effects when combined with CBD, and more so delivers CBD where
the body needs it most. And since olive oil has a naturally pleasing taste, and
the purified CBD is odorless and tasteless, the company needs not to add any
additives, say artificial sweeteners. Furthermore, Green Gorill’solive oil is
amongst the best worldwide. On top of being fresh and purely organic, it has a
relatively high content of polyphenol, and low acidity that gives it that good
taste and enables it to stay for long before going bad.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil?

Research shows that our overall health largely depends on the diet. Diet and nutrition
has also been discovered to be one key factor in development of many diseases
such as diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, circulatory diseases, chronic
inflammation and obesity. In recent years, medicine focuses more on preventive health,

rather than treatment after one has fallen ill. For this reason, extra virgin oil remains the best carrier
for CBD to our bodies.

How to use Green Gorilla’s Hemp & Olive Oil

To take the CBD Oil, hold the oil underneath your tongue for half a minute. The
underneath of the toungue is one of the best absorption areas in the human
body. This ensures that 90% of the CBD is delivered into your system. Vaping or
smoking CBD is less efficient as it burns off approximately 60% of the CBD
before reaching the body. Thus CBD food or capsule normally loses almost 50% of
their effectiveness. Stmoach acid also is known to degrade the CBD.

Products CBD PetCare Products

One important line of product by the company is the CBD PetCare products, which
includes CBD oil for pets, CBD oil for horses, CBD oil for dogs, , CBD oil for
anxiety, CBD oil for painetc. Green gorilla CBD oil is very beneficial to cats
and dogs and other pets. The major benefit is relieving anxiety. Pets do get
anxious sometimes. It’s common place to see dogs hide in the closet when
fireworks go off or when near swimming pools. This product makes them calm and
at ease in such situations. CBD products also greatly benefit pets which suffer
from seizures, inflammation and arthritis, without the common side effects of
wooziness, or exhaustion. CBD oil also assists in normal hip and joint
mobility, aids the digestive tract, helps to maintain cognitive function,
supports the immune system, and sustains blood sugar levels.Recent research has
confirmed that CBD oil is safely non-toxic for pets. This is just what your pet
needs.Giving it to the pet is pretty simple. Methods include putting it
directly into your pet’s mouth, putting it in a treat, in their food bowl or even
having the pet lick it right from your hand. No pet will shun it since it has
an enjoyable taste.

The recommended dose for 35 pound dogs is 150 mg. Larger dogs, up to 75 pounds can
comfortably consume the 600mg formula. As with any other supplement, it is
always recommended to start on the safe side of lower dosage, then increasing
gradually. Even so, no pet can overdose on CBD oil to the toxic level. The pet
will simply feel drowsy but will recover with time.

Lip balms

In June 2016, Green Gorilla started producing CBD infused Lip Balms. The standard size
is 0.15oz. Flavors include Lemon and peppermint, but also the unflavored
variety is produced. Each of these contains 10mg of cannabidiol. A natural SPF
element is added to each lip balm, so as to attain the SPF 25 rating. The
company is looking into formulating extra options for the product. A largely
sized lip balm may be the first consideration. Maybe one that includes 100 mg
of cannabidiol.

It’s good to note that one actually eats the lip balm as long as it lasts on his/her
lips. Generic chap sticks, when used in the production of lip balms, are
therefore toxic. Green Gorilla’s Lip Balms contain over 90% natural olive oil
by content plus other natural ingredients in the small percentage. When
applied, consumers not only protect their lips but also benefit their bodies.

Drinking bottles

In July 2016, the company saw the waste created by plastic bottles and decided to act
by in introducing new Eco-friendly and sustainable, glass drinking bottles.
These drinking bottles are manufactured from recycled glass, with the lid being
made of food grade silicone. They are safe to for the dishwasher. They’re
perfect for healthy and active men and women on the go!

Buying Green Gorilla Products

Green Gorilla products can be bought from several retail outlets across the nation,
and also through the company’s website. The products include the highest
quality CBD Oils, Pet Care products and CBD Cosmetics! The cosmetic products
include lip balms, facial creams, sunscreens, lotions, shampoo, and

How To buy Cbd Oil

CBD oil, cannabis oil, hemp oil, or any other CBD products, visit our
CBD shop in your locality. Once in a while, you’ll find CBD oil for sale at a
given retail outlet. Please note that all product related statements must be
adequately evaluated by the FDA officials. Green Gorillas’ products are not
meant to be used for the treatment of any disease. It’s always advisable to
consult your personal doctor before embarking on a new dietary supplement
program. Green Gorilla ensures that its products have zero THC, in accordance
with the US federal law.


Green Gorilla also believes the world’s oceans are the key to maintaining our planet
and thus invests in developing and protecting sustainable, clean drinking
water, wells, streams, rivers, springs, lakes, and oceans. Everyone sharing
this planet is entitled and deserving of the most basic human necessity, reason
why Green Gorilla helps to ensure clean water across the globe for both current
and future generation

In a nutshell, the company’s aims provide all people with products that will help
them live healthy and happy lives, but most importantly in an ethical and
sustainable manner. The company is currently working round the clock to produce
more products using hemp. This crop has proved to be one good resource with the
potential of being used to manufacture numerous products that will both help
people and help conserve our planet.