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USDA certified organic CBD oils, balms & edibles
Green Gorilla Scores an ‘A’ in Center for Food Safety’s Hemp CBD Scorecard

Green Gorilla is one of a few companies to clearly and openly convey information about our production practices to consumers in a market crowded with confusing, potentially dangerous and mislabeled products. From seed to shelf, we are committed to the highest quality products to ensure health and wellness for people, pets, equine animals and the environment. CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY’S…

How to Maintain Motivation to Exercise, Workout & Stay Fit with some Help from CBD

You enthusiastically start working out and make a motivated commitment to your personal health and fitness once and for all by exercising daily and eating healthy, only to find yourself making excuses and falling back into old habits a few weeks later. Sound familiar? We all know that exercise is a crucial component of health and wellness. But for those…

Weed Is So Last Year: The Best CBD Gummies On The Market Today

CBD gummies have taken the industry by storm. As one of the most popular ingestion methods, gummies make it easy to discreetly and easily get your dose of CBD, which has caught on amongst previous CBD users and nonusers alike. Now with a massive amount of brands all trying to make a name for themselves amongst the gummy industry, here…

Edibles Magazine Features Product Review for Gorilla Gummies

This bottle takes me back to the time I would pick up supplements from the local health food store. It is rather large it’s a childproof cap. It looks quite serious, but the gummies inside are delicious. After having my wife help me open the bottle, because of childproofing, I was finally able to enjoy one of these delicious Gummies.…

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