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USDA certified organic CBD oils, balms & edibles

Green Gorilla™ CBD Products

CBD is taking the world by storm, and Green Gorilla™ is your trusted industry leader in organic hemp products. Discover pure CBD lip balm, gummies, oil, pet care, topical balm, capsules, and much more.

For certified organic quality you can rely on, there’s no better place to buy CBD online than Green Gorilla™. Find the perfect product for your lifestyle and your needs by taking our short quiz!

Organic CBD Oil

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    Hemp lotion from the Green Gorilla™ CBD shop.

    Discover the Power of CBD

    Green Gorilla™ is proud to use regenerative and sustainable farming practices to create the best CBD you can buy online. Our CBD shop sells only premium organic products with ingredients derived from nature with no GMOs.

    As a Hemp Industries Association member, we work to advance the hemp economy and educate the public about hemp. Our mission is to share the beauty of hemp with the world.

    Certified Organic

    All our products are certified organic by Oregon Tilth, making us one of the few places you can buy CBD online with 100% organically sourced products.

    THC-Free Options Available

    None of our products contain high levels of the psychoactive compound THC, but if you need to have CBD without a single trace, we have that too! Check out our selection of pure CBD oils and other 0% THC products on our site.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We keep our prices competitive without ever sacrificing quality. If a drugstore CBD price seems too good to be true, it probably is. We never use low-quality, inorganic ingredients.

    If you plan to use CBD daily, you can choose a subscription plan to get your product delivered to you on a regular monthly basis. Select the subscription plan option on the product page before checking out and never worry about it again.

    Green Gorilla™ ships nationwide. We also retail in several CBD shops, grocery chains, and pet stores; which you can find using our store locator here.

    All our products are independently lab tested by multiple ISO-certified facilities. We use no harsh chemicals or pesticides, and every test is traceable and quality assured.

    Why Buy CBD Online at Green Gorilla™

    A photo of a hemp plant.

    Green Gorilla™ founders, Sir Steven Saxton and Katherine Guevara Saxton, became hemp entrepreneurs back in 2013 long before it became a trend. They witnessed the miraculous effects CBD had on a terminally ill dog. Eventually, Steven began to try it for injury relief—with incredible results.

    CBD’s profound impact on the Saxton family has inspired their mission to make its healing properties available to anyone interested in buying CBD online. Green Gorilla™ brings sustainable, organic, pure CBD products into people’s lives with the goal of making a difference every day.

    A photo of a hemp plant.


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