Green Gorilla’s Hemp & Olive CBD Line Featured in Variety Magazine's Legalization and Entertainment Special Issue April 11, 2017

Green Gorilla 04/13/2017

Green Gorilla’s Hemp & Olive CBD Line Featured in Variety Magazine's Legalization and Entertainment Special Issue April 11, 2017

One product line making huge inroads into the showbiz community is from Green Gorilla. For the past two years, Green Gorilla’s Hemp and Olive CBD supplements, lip balm and pet- care products have found their way into the green rooms of the Oscar presenters. Green Gorilla’s Hemp & Olive CBD Oil was included in the official Grammy gift bag as well.

“We plan to continue supporting all entertainment events that we have access to and to be the major hemp and cannabis brand focusing in this area,” says co-founder and CEO Steven Saxton, who’s produced or exec-produced such films as “Aftermath,” “Lone Survivor” and “The Kids Are All Right.” “We have several events that we plan to attend, it’s all about timing and dedication of our resources to maximize our exposure.

“All of the celebrities that I have spoken to and are using the product love it, and our pet product line is really starting to take off… The CBD industry is still in its infancy and consumers need a lot of education on the benefits of CBD.”

Green Gorilla is focused on expanding the world’s access to hemp, and using hemp for everyday solutions for a variety of needs, including food, medicine, textiles, building materials and other products. “The goal of Green Gorilla has always been to build an international brand in the hemp and cannabis industries, and in doing so, making sustainable and ethical choices that will help preserve our plant and our future,” he says.

- Nick Clement, Variety, 4/11/17

About Green Gorilla: Green Gorilla is committed to building an international brand in the emerging Hemp and Cannabis Industries, in doing so, the company will make sustainable and ethical choices that will help preserve the planet and future. Green Gorilla's "Hemp & Olive" is a plant based, non-GMO, USDA certified organic, Cannabidiol (CBD) Hemp Oil line which includes a range of supplements, cosmetics (lip balms), and pet care products. Coming soon is the new "Master Grower" line, covering 100% of a growers organic biodynamic needs. Green Gorilla was established in 2013 by Sir Steven Saxton.

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