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  1. 1x $500 E-Gift Card Winner
  2. 1x $200 E-Gift Card Winner
  3. 2x $100 E-Gift Card Winners
  4. 2x $50 E-Gift Card Winners

Winners will be announced on this (giveaway) page on Febuary 1, 2019. Also, all participants are guaranteed a $5 Green Gorilla E-Gift Card! To claim your guaranteed $5 Green Gorilla E-Gift Card please fill-out the form on this page and submit by clicking “Confirm My Entry”

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Winner Date
Theresa M. ($500 E-Gift Card) 02/01/2019
Jennifer M. ($200 E-Gift Card) 02/01/2019
Michael A. ($100 E-Gift Card) 02/01/2019
Kourtnee P. ($100 E-Gift Card) 02/01/2019
Noreen K. ($50 E-Gift Card) 02/01/2019
Michele B. ($50 E-Gift Card) 02/01/2019
Lindsay H. ($500 E-Gift Card) 01/03/2019
Christina B. ($200 E-Gift Card) 01/03/2019
Yaska ($100 E-Gift Card) 01/03/2019
Elena L. ($50 E-Gift Card) 01/03/2019
Shannon W. ($50 E-Gift Card) 01/03/2019
Yvonne A. 12/07/2018
Hakeem F. 11/13/2018

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