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About Green Gorilla

Mission: At Green Gorilla we are committed to building an international brand in the Hemp and Cannabis industries, and in doing so, making sustainable and ethical choices that will help preserve our planet and future.

Green Gorilla is an international group focused on expanding our world’s access to hemp based solutions. We believe that hemp holds incredible promise as a renewable source of medicines, foods, fuel, textiles, plastics, building materials, pulp & paper, and much more. The proper cultivation of hemp and extraction of its many wonderful components will be a positive force to help heal our bodies and preserve our environment. At Green Gorilla we are committed to unlocking this potential, and to making sustainable and ethical choices to protect our planet and our future.

Hemp & Olive

We are very proud to be releasing our first set of products, “Hemp & Olive”, a USDA certified organic line based off extra virgin organic olive oil and formulated with organic 99%+ pure Cannabidiol (CBD) using GG BioEnhanced Complex™ (Green Gorilla’s Proprietary Formula to optimize bioavailability) . Our Hemp & Olive product line includes a range of CBD supplements, cosmetics, and pet care products. Our initial release, and the core of the H&O line, is our CBD Oil Supplements for Humans and Pets. Green Gorilla uses extra virgin olive oil with some of the highest polyphenol counts which carry a myriad of health benefits in themselves, which make it the optimal choice as a courier for CBD, and has numerous synergistic positive effects for your body.

Master Grower

Coming soon is our “Master Grower” line, covering 100% of a growers needs. The cultivation of hemp & cannabis is currently done with little regard to the environment, and is rarely done organically or at the standard of Demeter certified, Biodynamic. At Green Gorilla we plan on changing that, and promoting a healthy and environmentally friendly way to grow these amazing plants. The total number of uses and products that can be created from hemp/cannabis is staggering, and we look forward to expanding our scope of operations to provide customers and business with conscious solutions for everything they desire.

Meet Our Team

Green Gorilla was established in 2013 by entrepreneur Sir Steven Saxton, with the intention of finding a better way to bring hemp & cannabis related products and services to the people of our world.


Steven Saxton

Steven Saxton

CEO, Chairman & Co-Founder

With over 30 years of experience, Steven Saxton is a successful serial entrepreneur and highly regarded expert in corporate structuring, private equity, public companies, corporate refinancing, and capital raising for startups. Mr. Saxton has been the lead negotiator for numerous partnerships, mergers, acquisitions and rollups for private and public companies. For the past 25 years, Mr. Saxton has worked as a Producer, Manager, Agent, Distributor and Financier in the Entertainment Industry. Mr. Saxton has served as the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Hollywood Studios, Artist International (AI) and Models International. Link – IMDB

Film – Mr. Saxton has Executive Produced or co-financed 47 films that have accumulated 196 Nominations and 107 Wins including Lone Survivor, 2 Guns, The Kids Are All Right, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Good Morning Vietnam, Zero Hour (Highest grossing film in Venezuelan history) and Honey I Shrunk The Kids which have grossed over $1.6+ Billion at the worldwide box office. Link – By The Numbers

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Joey Carson

Joey Carson
President / CFO

Steve De Forest
COO – Chief Operations Officer

Paulo Camargo
Managing Director – South America
Av Singh, Ph.D., P.Ag
Chief Agricultural Scientist
Pete Wilke, Esq.
Corp. Secretary / Securities Lawyer

Gordon Jones, CPA
Corp. Treasurer

Katherine Guevara
Sales & Marketing Director
Carrington Hildebrant
Production, Fulfillment & Inventory Coordinator

Chris Pajak
Sales Executive
Samantha Wogan
Sales Executive