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Green Gorilla CBD Calms Frightened Pets During 4th of July

Green Gorilla Cares About Your Pets The 4th is coming up, and that means fireworks. And while we love them, your animal friend may not. Fireworks are notorious for causing a great deal of stress for dogs, cats & other pets. The bright lights and loud noises can be very overwhelming. In fact, there is a dramatic increase in reports of…

Pure CBD vs. Whole Plant CBD

We Offer Both -  Know The Difference   Pure CBD | 600mg (2 oz) Quicker onset - ideal for fast relief Cannabidiol (CBD)- a naturally occurring compound within phytocannibinoids Contains 99%+ pure 600mg active cannabidiol *300mg active cannabidiol per ounce Crafted with extra virgin olive oil providing high polyphenols, flavonoids & fatty acids Contains GG Bioenhanced Complex™ 100% THC free…

Exploring The Health And Wellness Benefits Of Hemp-Based CBD Oil

Hemp-based CBD can be a viable alternative for those who are tentative about trying cannabis products or live in a state where they cannot purchase these products. Following is a conversation with Steven Saxton, the founder and CEO of Green Gorilla about his line of high-end CBD products. Hemp-based CBD can be a viable alternative for those who are tentative…

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