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Hemp plant

We love hemp, and not just because it gives us wellness products! Hemp farming is also extremely beneficial for the planet, which is something we care about deeply at Gorilla FarmCo. Not only do we want to provide you with the highest quality and safest hemp, but we want to honor the earth in the process. Mother Earth loves hemp, and here’s why:

4 Big Ways Hemp Farming Helps the Earth

1. Reduces Air Pollution

Hemp can reduce carbon emissions more than two times as effectively as trees, making them one of the most natural and effective ways to combat carbon emissions and air pollution. Hemp captures carbon dioxide from the air and acts as a carbon sink— this means that it hides the CO2 in its soil instead of releasing it into the air. While forests typically capture between 4-6 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare (over 107,000 square feet) per year, the same amount of hemp absorbs 8-15 tons of carbon dioxide over the same period of time. In addition, hemp’s growing cycle is much faster than that of trees— which can take at least 20 years to mature— meaning that hemp can act as a more renewable and consistent way to reduce air pollution. 

2. Conserves Water

With rapidly changing climate patterns, water conservation is becoming more and more important. Hemp requires a mere 79-132 gallons of water to produce 2.2 pounds of product compared to cotton, which requires more than 5,000 gallons of water to yield the same amount. Now is the time to become more conscious about our water usage, and that starts at the source of our materials. In addition to needing significantly less water and care, hemp has a wider variety of uses and equivalent, if not improved, capabilities. Using hemp products is a choice that can actively conserve water and provide you with more sustainable purchases!

3. Prevents Deforestation

Today, 93% of paper is produced from trees, contributing to mass deforestation and harmful climate change. However, hemp paper is an environmentally friendly, and more sustainable alternative. Where most trees take at least 20 years to reach full maturity, hemp plants grow in just a few months, making them more easily regenerative. In addition, one acre of hemp can yield up to four times as much paper as one acre of trees. Lastly, hemp can be recycled up to 8 times, while paper can only be recycled up to 3 times. Overall, hemp is a much more viable option for paper products, which can severely reduce deforestation and its negative effects.

4. Prevents Pesticide Pollution

Another significant way that hemp farming benefits the environment is by preventing the need for pesticides and herbicides. While some crops require chemicals to avoid damage and destruction from bugs and weeds, hemp does not! Hemp is naturally resistant to harmful pests, eliminating the need for agricultural chemicals. Also, due to the proximity of hemp plants to each other and dense leaf canopy that they form, the threat of suffocating weeds is eradicated. Hemp’s natural resistance to such hazards is a super-power that helps our farms produce healthy and safe product!

Our Farm’s Impact

At Gorilla FarmCo, we have several initiatives that ensure we are getting the most environmental benefit out of our farming practices. Other than the natural ways that hemp helps the planet, we seek to do even more. Here are some additional ways we give back to the earth:

  • Using solar power
  • Working to increase our farm’s biodiversity
  • Planting cover crops
  • Committing to zero pesticides, toxic chemicals, herbicides, or solvents

Help our planet & support hemp farming!

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