Herb Lewis

Herb Lewis

With 30 years experience  in the Natural Products industry Herb Lewis has been creating world class performance cultures and a dynamic salesforce. His success in exploding small and startup brands into top selling Industry leaders Include iconic names such as; Natures Plus, Country Life and New Chapter; which Herb grew from 2.75M to 120M and selling to P&G .

The unique skills and systems Mr. Lewis has invented and developed added to inspirational leadership include; attracting powerful charismatic need to succeed talent, best in class ongoing training, structuring unique measuring  tools oriented management system , 12 point evaluation and weekly published ranking program, and performance pay plans, all driven by enjoinment compelling missions and close camaraderie team spirit de core .

 Mr. Lewis’s passion for herbal wellness and healing led him to develop a Costa Rican  biodynamic spice estate, specializing in rare potent blue ring ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon.In 1998, Mr. Lewis owned  the first herbal company to introduce Super Critical Dense Gas Extraction, concentrating herbal constituents 200X, while allowing prices calibrated finger print profiles geared to healing functions and exact herbal concentrates for every production batch.

Research, seminars and teaching  courses on the healing values of cannabinoids led Mr. Lewis to investment in Hemp initiatives and in dispensaries. Today, Herb is thrilled to join the Green Gorilla organic CBD brand, and help build the super team of sales instructors to deliver the Green Gorilla unique message of product purity, potency and efficacy worldwide.

Join us as we push the boundaries of the CBD industry.

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