Av Singh, Ph.D., P.Ag

Av Singh

Dr. Av Singh is one of Canada’s leading authorities on organic agriculture. Prior to serving as the Organic and Small-Scale Farming Specialist in Nova Scotia, Singh worked at the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada and currently holds the Just Us! Chair in Small Farm Sustainability at the Just Us! Centre for Small Farms. Canada is the world leader in hemp grain production and Singh has been a consultant to many of the larger organic hemp producers, placing a great emphasis on soil health and fertility as the prerequisite for quality hemp oil. Dr. Singh also serves as a scientific advisor to the American Cannabis Company helping to design a nutrient-dense soil for medicinal marijuana.

Singh is eager to work with Green Gorilla to ensure that cannabinoid production meets the needs of the end user and deliver a product that is based on good science and the values of organic agriculture.

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